Saturday, October 29, 2005

braless again

another day at the office on Thursday braless in a very lite weight shirt as ordered by Master. it was somewhat of a cool day also so that made matters worse for me when i had to go out into the shop area.

several people noticed the hardness of my nipples showing thru asking me things like why do you have your hi beams on. one of the guys that i have been teasing even ask me if i was wearing panties. i told him no as i not longer own any panties. that brought a big smile to his face when he heard that. he knows i have a wild side he just does not know how wild it is yet.

Master told me i was putting on a good show and he was enjoying all the boy talk going on about my nips. we had very hot sex after work this day because i think i was already warmed up from my all day titty show.

Friday was not as good for me as i woke up cold and decided to wear my bra to work because i was not told not to so i did. Master would have like to have seen me go without it without being told too but he understood. also we needed to calm the boys down a little in the shop so they could get some work done.

i also got into my brat mode this day because Master went on a long lunch with some of the guys and did not ask me to go along. Master cannot and will not stand any attitude from me. so i knew i was in for it but i was mad and he was just going to have to deal with that and he did.

after work we always stop for a after work drink well tonight it was a drink and a spanking in the parking lot bent over the hood of my car. he stopped and picked up two beers and we went to our somewhat private parking area of a vacant office complex. we talked about my attitude and how it makes Master mad. he always tells me he loves everything about me but my attitude that I get once and a while.

i get the attitude much less since Master has come along and brought it to light with my punishment. after we talked and drank our drinks i was told to get out and get in position on the hood. that is bent over with bare nips on the cold metal hood of the car & hands stretched out overhead legs spread wide & bare ass naked.

then it hit the 1st swat with the crop. it always takes my breath away and i stood up straight but i always enjoy everyone my Master gives me. it took a little bit of time to say "Thank you Master i deserve that may i have another" tonight it was only 7 as they were harder then normal because he gets a better swing when we are outside. no ass kisses this time for this was punishment for bad behavior on my part.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

no bra needed

profile pic is me out in public with Master & without bra with collar on. i was given a lot of looks by both men & women as we walked thru a building supply store.

i enjoyed being seen in public as i was on Master's arm. i could never do this it on my own by myself. i am somewhat shy on my own. as you know Master has all of my panties and is now training me to go braless. this is just a little training session as Master calls it.

there is much more training to come and i am very willing to do as told as i am my Master's slave.

Friday, October 21, 2005

in Master's control

panties are now in Master's control. i have turned over all of my panties to Master. they are now his to do with as he sees fit. i only have three pair of very sheer and very small thongs that Master has told me to keep and wear for him only when told to by him. i was made to wear a thong today to the office after 10 or more months of wearing none.

for the last three days i have been told to work braless. Master enjoys the look i get from the guys in the shop that get to see me knowing that i am braless. i am not sure but i think he might be telling them ahead of time that i am braless so when i walk out of the office they already know to start looking for my nipples. i must say i do enjoy the attention i get from the guys.

i think that it will not be to far down the road that the bras will be in Masters control also. the less i wear in public the better Master likes it. i really think if i could work in the nude without being fired or arrested that is the way Master would have me work. he really enjoys me naked.

p.s. i was also spanked bent over the car hood naked tonight just because it was a nice night to do it. no reason is needed for a slave to be spanked by her Master.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

no more panties

well i can not tell you how long it has been since i have had a pair of panties on. as you know if you follow my blog that i would not leave home without them on and full ass panties at that not thongs. now i go everywhere without any at all. never in my life did i think i would do this.

Master changed that with in the first month we were together. at first he would make me take my panties off @ work and bring them to him. I would put them in my desk drawer and he would come over get them out and put them in his pocket and take them to his car. i would work the rest of the day without them on. funny feeling walking around co-workers without undies at first.

then one Sunday he called me and told to go buy three pair of thongs at VS and call him when i had them. i did as i was told as always but i did not think i would enjoy wearing thongs. i called him after i bought them and he told me to find a place to model them for him like a quite parking lot. i searched until i found a warehouse lot behind a hardware/lumber store. i called to tell him i found a place he told me to get out of the car with nothing but the thong and walk behind the car and spin around for him when he arrived. i was scared and shaking when i saw him pull in and stop behind me but i did as i was told.
i hoped no one would pull in and catch me as i turned around for Master in a near naked state. my heart was pounding fast and hard standing out there.

i was then told i was to wear these to work from now on and that i should add more to my collection. i think i did this for about two months but Master was always telling me to take them off and bring them to him all the time. then he told not to wear any at all on Fridays. as time passed i started to enjoy not wearing them at all and would not even think about putting them on.

today 17 months later Master has ask i give him all of my panties & thongs to him so he can throw them away for good. he said i am never to cover my baldness again with panties.

now he asks for my bra at work. i guess in time i will not be wearing bras either but i will have to find better covering shirts before i give them up to Master.

Monday, October 17, 2005

he is back

Master is back as he was out of town for a little while and i did not get my training that i need and love so much. i did play a little by myself while he was gone and texted him on what i was doing.

i watched one of our s&m movies the other night and dreamed of Master doing all the things to me that i was watching. as i watched the movie i started to play with my bald & naked pussy with my fingers well that just made me hotter for more action.

so off to the toy bag i went to get my butt plug and clothespins and my handy little vibrator. i stopped by the bathroom for some lube then back to the living room to the movie. i bent over the arm of the couch and pushed the plug into place then i walked over to the recliner and sat down.

i rubbed my pussy with my fingers and it was oh so wet. i licked my fingers as Master loves to make me do that when is with me i then placed the clothespins on my nipples. the pain always shoots through them straight to my pussy.

with a plug in my ass and clothespins on my nipples i sit watching another slave being whipped now i am on the edge of a orgasm now. i turn on my vibrator and place it on my clit. i play with my nipples by pulling on the clothespins as i do this the slave on the tv is being spanked harder. i wanted to be that slave as i craved to feel the pain of the whip all over my body.

i dream that Master is here watching me play with myself as he likes to do and maybe whip me hard. then my body shakes with a great orgasm as my mind works overtime with thoughts of Master. my pussy is soaked as i rub it more with my hand. then i lick my juices off my fingers as i remove the pins from my nipples as more pain shoots through them.

i am wiped out after all of this and ready for a good nights sleep. i get up and turn off the tv and walk to my room i feel the plug inside me as i walk and it feels really good in there. i ask myself should i just leave in there till morning and enjoy the full feeling it gives all night long?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

the "46" winning marks

Today I received the 46 swats since my boys won by 23 on Sunday. I didn't know if I could take all of the 46 at one time, but my Master knew that I could. My Master started with several easy swats and then he would add a few that really made my ass sting. Then he stopped for awhile and kissed my burning red hot ass. Oh that felt so good that it was making my pussy hot and very wet. Now I was ready for the rest of the swats because I knew there would be more kisses for my burning ass at the end. And yes there was many more kisses and they were not only on my ass now. I hope that this will be winning season for the boys. Because if they win, then I win too.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

training equipment

the other day Master went to the pet store to look around in the horse department and he found some new toys for us to play with. on the receipt it listed the items as training equipment. Master said that they had named that right only no horse would feel the sting of these items just me his slave.

so on Monday after work and after the loss of the game Sunday it was punishment time. Master had the new training equipment with him and put it to use. i was given my football punisment on my ass with the new riding crop. it is short and has a very thin leather loop on the end. it made some really nice markings on my ass.

Master was not ready to stop playing with the new toys. after watching the s&m movies we had bought Master said that he has been way to easy on me and my punishment. in one of the movies there was a slave that was chained to a wooden platform on the floor on her back with her legs spread open and being whipped between them somewhat hard. Master said it was now my turn to be whipped like her.

we did not have a platform with us to be tied to but i was told to turn over and sit facing Master with legs spread wide apart hands on head as he whipped my front side leaving some very nice red marks of love on my naked body. the pain was somewhat intense at times but i enjoyed each and every swat. while in this position Master rubbed my clit with the end of the crop then pushed it inside of me. ohhh what a feeling that was i never had anything inside me that was not round. it felt great and very different and hope to do it all again very soon.

as a side note i do not mean to offend anyone with my blog or my writings. this is just a place to share with you my life as a slave. i hope you enjoy reading it. i know that this is not everyones cup of tea of how to live life but it is mine and i enjoy sharing it with others that do enjoy this cup of tea. Master is not abusive to me any way and loves me very much as i do him. we just both enjoy s&m.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the movies

time for current events. Master and i went to a store the other day to buy some s&m movies after work. i was told that we would be shopping and to have my very short white dress, hiheels and collar with me as i was not allowed to shop in my work clothes. as you know i never wear panties as i am not allowed and really do not care to wear them.

Master and i left work and drove to the place that sells adult dvds. there were a few cars in the parking lot and i still had to change into the dress. so right there in broad daylight with the world looking i took off my work outfit in the car and put on the short white dress, collar and hiheels as Master watched.

we walk into the store together and as luck would have it no one was in there but the clerk behind the counter and he was on the phone. we walked around looking and made our way to the s&m section. as we looked though the movies the door rang meaning someone had came in. a another man had walked in and was looking around at the movies and at us.

Master then wanted to see what movies were on the bottom rack and told me to hand him this or that. bending at the waist only to reach the movies as i was told to do. well in case you missed the pic of the white dress it does not cover me at all and when i bend over my ass and pussy is there for all to see. Master made sure that the other man had a view of me before asking for a movie to look at on the bottom shelf.

Master even had me walk past the guy as he was kneeling down looking at movies on the bottom shelf. Master told me the guy almost broke his neck looking as i walked by him. Master even lifted my dress two or three times as he rubbed my ass right there in the store. the bell rang again and another man walked in to see us shopping.

as we shopped Master would say to me slave let me see that movie or get that one slave it looks good in some what of a loud voice so the men knew i was his slave if they paid attention at all.

i carried three s&m movies around the store with me that Master had picked out. Master then told me lets go and check out. i handed the movies to the cashier and was getting out my money from wallet that i took in with me when Master said he would pay. as he handed the money to guy the cashier handed him the bag of movies and Master then handed them to me saying I paid for them slave you can carry them. the cashier looked at me and smiled as i blushed and felt my pussy get soaked. i just love being a slave to Master.

more later on what happen after the movies.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

bound to be scared

when Master was finished beating my ass he laid down on the bed in front of me and put his crotch under my face and told me to lick his smooth shaved balls with my tongue. we are both smoothies. i could not see as i was still blindfolded and my hands still cuffed behind me. i licked his balls and his cock for a good while than i was told to suck him. it was somewhat hard for me to do in the position i was in but i did it best i could. Master knew it would be hard on with my hands bound behind me.

Master then got up from the bed and pulled my upper body up so i standing upright he then attached a leash to my collar and unhooked my ankles from the bed. he told me he was taking me for a walk down the hall of the hotel. i was praying he would not but he did take me to the door and open it for anyone walking by to see me. then he took me by my leash over to the window over looking the parking lot and made me stand there with my nipples against the window.

now i am still bound the way i was except for my legs are free and i still could not see so i do not know if i was seen by anyone or not. Master was behind me telling me that he was not looking for anyone looking as he did not care it was my body they would be looking at not his.

now for the scare. Master pulled me away from the window and walked me over to an full length mirror and removed my blindfold i was told to look at myself all bound up like i was as he took pictures of me. what i saw was a woman that had longed for this day all of her life but never had someone that she could do it with that would enjoy it as much as her now she did.

Master then said he would uncuff me and unlock the chain and my collar so we could love each other. he walks over to the table and looks around then he checks the bag the toys were in. something is missing he said the KEYS. i knew he was kidding and told him yea right. then he said he would have to run back to his house and get them. i still thought he was kidding until he ask were his shorts were and started to get dressed.

Panic time for me as all kind of things went though my little brain would he come back or just leave me here. would the maid come back and find me chained and cuffed and call the police. by the way the maid did knock on the door when i was bound to the bed and Master told come back later. so here i stand naked with a collar locked on my neck my hands cuffed behind me a chain locked around my waist and up between my legs holding a butt plug in my ass with a leash hanging down my front. news at 11 woman found bound in hotel room. i am real scared now.

Master says goodbye and kisses me, he will be right back and walks to the door and reaches in his pocket and said oh here they are. i wanted to kill him he had them the whole time and he knew it. he just wanted to see how would react.

unchained, uncuffed & free of my bonds we laid down on the bed together and made sweet love to each before falling off to sleep in each others arms for a very needed nap. i was drained but very happy.