Monday, October 17, 2005

he is back

Master is back as he was out of town for a little while and i did not get my training that i need and love so much. i did play a little by myself while he was gone and texted him on what i was doing.

i watched one of our s&m movies the other night and dreamed of Master doing all the things to me that i was watching. as i watched the movie i started to play with my bald & naked pussy with my fingers well that just made me hotter for more action.

so off to the toy bag i went to get my butt plug and clothespins and my handy little vibrator. i stopped by the bathroom for some lube then back to the living room to the movie. i bent over the arm of the couch and pushed the plug into place then i walked over to the recliner and sat down.

i rubbed my pussy with my fingers and it was oh so wet. i licked my fingers as Master loves to make me do that when is with me i then placed the clothespins on my nipples. the pain always shoots through them straight to my pussy.

with a plug in my ass and clothespins on my nipples i sit watching another slave being whipped now i am on the edge of a orgasm now. i turn on my vibrator and place it on my clit. i play with my nipples by pulling on the clothespins as i do this the slave on the tv is being spanked harder. i wanted to be that slave as i craved to feel the pain of the whip all over my body.

i dream that Master is here watching me play with myself as he likes to do and maybe whip me hard. then my body shakes with a great orgasm as my mind works overtime with thoughts of Master. my pussy is soaked as i rub it more with my hand. then i lick my juices off my fingers as i remove the pins from my nipples as more pain shoots through them.

i am wiped out after all of this and ready for a good nights sleep. i get up and turn off the tv and walk to my room i feel the plug inside me as i walk and it feels really good in there. i ask myself should i just leave in there till morning and enjoy the full feeling it gives all night long?

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