Sunday, October 02, 2005

bound to be scared

when Master was finished beating my ass he laid down on the bed in front of me and put his crotch under my face and told me to lick his smooth shaved balls with my tongue. we are both smoothies. i could not see as i was still blindfolded and my hands still cuffed behind me. i licked his balls and his cock for a good while than i was told to suck him. it was somewhat hard for me to do in the position i was in but i did it best i could. Master knew it would be hard on with my hands bound behind me.

Master then got up from the bed and pulled my upper body up so i standing upright he then attached a leash to my collar and unhooked my ankles from the bed. he told me he was taking me for a walk down the hall of the hotel. i was praying he would not but he did take me to the door and open it for anyone walking by to see me. then he took me by my leash over to the window over looking the parking lot and made me stand there with my nipples against the window.

now i am still bound the way i was except for my legs are free and i still could not see so i do not know if i was seen by anyone or not. Master was behind me telling me that he was not looking for anyone looking as he did not care it was my body they would be looking at not his.

now for the scare. Master pulled me away from the window and walked me over to an full length mirror and removed my blindfold i was told to look at myself all bound up like i was as he took pictures of me. what i saw was a woman that had longed for this day all of her life but never had someone that she could do it with that would enjoy it as much as her now she did.

Master then said he would uncuff me and unlock the chain and my collar so we could love each other. he walks over to the table and looks around then he checks the bag the toys were in. something is missing he said the KEYS. i knew he was kidding and told him yea right. then he said he would have to run back to his house and get them. i still thought he was kidding until he ask were his shorts were and started to get dressed.

Panic time for me as all kind of things went though my little brain would he come back or just leave me here. would the maid come back and find me chained and cuffed and call the police. by the way the maid did knock on the door when i was bound to the bed and Master told come back later. so here i stand naked with a collar locked on my neck my hands cuffed behind me a chain locked around my waist and up between my legs holding a butt plug in my ass with a leash hanging down my front. news at 11 woman found bound in hotel room. i am real scared now.

Master says goodbye and kisses me, he will be right back and walks to the door and reaches in his pocket and said oh here they are. i wanted to kill him he had them the whole time and he knew it. he just wanted to see how would react.

unchained, uncuffed & free of my bonds we laid down on the bed together and made sweet love to each before falling off to sleep in each others arms for a very needed nap. i was drained but very happy.

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