Wednesday, October 26, 2005

no bra needed

profile pic is me out in public with Master & without bra with collar on. i was given a lot of looks by both men & women as we walked thru a building supply store.

i enjoyed being seen in public as i was on Master's arm. i could never do this it on my own by myself. i am somewhat shy on my own. as you know Master has all of my panties and is now training me to go braless. this is just a little training session as Master calls it.

there is much more training to come and i am very willing to do as told as i am my Master's slave.


Leesa said...

You seem to really enjoy being in Master's control. I wonder if this bothers Master at all. He must be smart and kind, but I would think he needs to occasionally put you in your place to show you where you belong. How does that make you feel?

kk said...

Yes, i do enjoy being in my Master's control very much. He puts me in place whenever i need it, so that i will always know that he is the Master and i am his slave. I have been in this kind of relationship for 18 months now and this is the best life i have ever lived.
I now look forward to each day.

Bud of "Us" said...

Like I said above--- I love that pic! Bra-less, white top, hard nipples, perfect!