Tuesday, October 18, 2005

no more panties

well i can not tell you how long it has been since i have had a pair of panties on. as you know if you follow my blog that i would not leave home without them on and full ass panties at that not thongs. now i go everywhere without any at all. never in my life did i think i would do this.

Master changed that with in the first month we were together. at first he would make me take my panties off @ work and bring them to him. I would put them in my desk drawer and he would come over get them out and put them in his pocket and take them to his car. i would work the rest of the day without them on. funny feeling walking around co-workers without undies at first.

then one Sunday he called me and told to go buy three pair of thongs at VS and call him when i had them. i did as i was told as always but i did not think i would enjoy wearing thongs. i called him after i bought them and he told me to find a place to model them for him like a quite parking lot. i searched until i found a warehouse lot behind a hardware/lumber store. i called to tell him i found a place he told me to get out of the car with nothing but the thong and walk behind the car and spin around for him when he arrived. i was scared and shaking when i saw him pull in and stop behind me but i did as i was told.
i hoped no one would pull in and catch me as i turned around for Master in a near naked state. my heart was pounding fast and hard standing out there.

i was then told i was to wear these to work from now on and that i should add more to my collection. i think i did this for about two months but Master was always telling me to take them off and bring them to him all the time. then he told not to wear any at all on Fridays. as time passed i started to enjoy not wearing them at all and would not even think about putting them on.

today 17 months later Master has ask i give him all of my panties & thongs to him so he can throw them away for good. he said i am never to cover my baldness again with panties.

now he asks for my bra at work. i guess in time i will not be wearing bras either but i will have to find better covering shirts before i give them up to Master.

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