Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the movies

time for current events. Master and i went to a store the other day to buy some s&m movies after work. i was told that we would be shopping and to have my very short white dress, hiheels and collar with me as i was not allowed to shop in my work clothes. as you know i never wear panties as i am not allowed and really do not care to wear them.

Master and i left work and drove to the place that sells adult dvds. there were a few cars in the parking lot and i still had to change into the dress. so right there in broad daylight with the world looking i took off my work outfit in the car and put on the short white dress, collar and hiheels as Master watched.

we walk into the store together and as luck would have it no one was in there but the clerk behind the counter and he was on the phone. we walked around looking and made our way to the s&m section. as we looked though the movies the door rang meaning someone had came in. a another man had walked in and was looking around at the movies and at us.

Master then wanted to see what movies were on the bottom rack and told me to hand him this or that. bending at the waist only to reach the movies as i was told to do. well in case you missed the pic of the white dress it does not cover me at all and when i bend over my ass and pussy is there for all to see. Master made sure that the other man had a view of me before asking for a movie to look at on the bottom shelf.

Master even had me walk past the guy as he was kneeling down looking at movies on the bottom shelf. Master told me the guy almost broke his neck looking as i walked by him. Master even lifted my dress two or three times as he rubbed my ass right there in the store. the bell rang again and another man walked in to see us shopping.

as we shopped Master would say to me slave let me see that movie or get that one slave it looks good in some what of a loud voice so the men knew i was his slave if they paid attention at all.

i carried three s&m movies around the store with me that Master had picked out. Master then told me lets go and check out. i handed the movies to the cashier and was getting out my money from wallet that i took in with me when Master said he would pay. as he handed the money to guy the cashier handed him the bag of movies and Master then handed them to me saying I paid for them slave you can carry them. the cashier looked at me and smiled as i blushed and felt my pussy get soaked. i just love being a slave to Master.

more later on what happen after the movies.

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