Saturday, March 25, 2006

ginger and i

well i guess you could say i brought this one on myself. last weekend i was at the store walking around looking and i came upon some ginger root. well Master and i had talked about figging one time when a reader ask if we ever done it. we did not even know what that was but with the internet we read all about it.

so being horny that day i thought i would go for it and bought two pieces to take to Master. when i showed him my purchase he smiled and said so you think you can take all that heat. he was talking about inside and out because i was to be cropped at the same time. i smiled and said i hope so.

so on Tuesday he told me to peel a piece of it and bring it to him as i was well over due for a good spanking anyway. i did as i was told and as i peeled it i was asking myself why would i want to do this to myself.

i brought over a nice peeled piece to Master and he worked on giving it a nice shape peeling it some more. then he put on my toy from Mistress the one that cuffs around my neck and goes down the back with two cuffs on it for my hands. then i was laid down on my belly my hands cuffed behind me. Master then pushed the ginger root inside of my bottom. once that was done he went to work swinging that crop at my naked ass cheeks.

at first the ginger did not feel so bad then it started. the heat and the pain in my ass and on my ass WOW how many different sensations for my little brain. i was not sure i was going to get though this without yelling out my safe word.

Master was really putting some zing on that crop and he made sure ginger did not slip out by pushing it back in deeper. he could tell i was having a hard time with the pain by the way hands were clinched so tight and my begging for mercy. i can not tell how many swats i got but my ass was cherry red on the outside and felt the same way on the inside.

Master stopped with crop for a while and just played with the root pushing in and taking it out. he then removed it for good after it had been in my ass for about 45 mins. then he uncuffed my arms and held me tight in his arms telling me how proud he was of his slave for taking the punishment without using her safe word. Master likes to test his slave sometimes on this and this was one of those times. i passed again.

after it was all over and looking back on it i really did enjoy it. just a another great time together trying new things in life. just waiting for the next time i need a good ass warming.

Friday, March 24, 2006


well i have had to wear my thongs to work all week and i was ordered to wear both of them together today. i only have two pair to wear anyway as you know i am not allowed to own or wear panties.

Master was given all of panties a long time ago but he did allow me to keep two pair of thongs that do not cover much. well i was told to wear a pair to work on Monday of this week and Master would let me know when to take them off. i forgot that part about taking them off.

i love to get out of my clothes ASAP after work and Monday was no different. Master saw that i removed my thong without being told to and my punishment was to wear a thong all week.

last night he said it will be 2 thong Friday meaning i will wear the only two i have at the same time. it was crazy to go from none to one then two pair of panties. i really hope i can get back to none this week as that is what i enjoy the most now. funny how i enjoy being without underware now that Master has made me go without for so long.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

new toy again

well my Mistress has added yet another toy to Master's toy box. her hubby gave it to Master yesterday without me knowing a thing about it. i think Master is going to have fun trying this out on me. i am not sure though.

i will let you all know how it goes but i think Master needs to work with it some first. he is pretty wild with the aim right now. the Mistress is always thinking of ways to help Master keep me in line. i can not wait to see what she does with me when Master hands her my leash and tells me i am to serve her now.

i know it won't be long before it happens as Master has said it will be soon. i never thought in my life i would be serving as a slave to anyone let alone two people. what fun i have had so far in my new adventure into s&m. i am just the lady next door to rest of world. to my Master i am the slut i always wanted to be. life is so much more fun when you try new things.

P.S. thank you very much for all of my toys Mistress. i can not wait until i am thanking you in person as you use them on me.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

pic removed

well if you are looking for my pic with the tittie toys you are to late. Master has removed it. he said he will post more photos now and then for my fans to see but will remove them after a short while. he does not want to make this a porn site for the kids to look at. he said my blog is a place to tell my stories of my service to him as a slave not a porn site for the kids to visit all the time.

as you know Master enjoys me being in public places with little clothing on and being punished. well Sunday was just another day of fun doing just that. me in my very short white dress bent over being caned on my naked ass. i also had to wear the tittie toys for a few pics in the park.

he placed the toys on my lips also and not the ones on my face. then had me walk around to watch them swing under my dress for a while. he is always making me do things i never in my life thought i would or could do in front of any man or person. but he has a way to make me do it and enjoy it and cum back for more.

would love to post the pics from that day but Master said no. sorry fans. i think we are over the 400 mark on the pics. i know some women are lucky if there man even has a picture of her let alone over 400 in a naked or bondage state. i never had a nude picture taken of me before Master came along. it is great fun to look back at all our fun we have together.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

tittie toys

last Sunday Master and i were not the only ones to go shopping at the sex store. Mistress J and her hubby also went shopping for some new toys for there toy box. she also bought one for me.

on Monday at work Master was given a note to pass along to me from Mistress it told me what i was to do with my toy and to send back the pics of me doing to Mistress. the toy was given to Master and that night her gave it to me. opened up the very nice wrapped package only to find a pair of nipple clamps with weights attached to them.

Master then attached them to my very hard nipples the pain shoots right to my pussy and sets it flowing in wettness. they felt very good pulling on my very hard nipples as Master went to get his camera.

i can not wait until i can get the chance to thank Mistress for my new toy in person on my kness at her feet wearing my clamps for her in person. it makes me wet just writing about it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

earned my stripes

today Master and i went shopping to the s&m store to buy a new collar for me. Master really liked seeing me dressed in my short black skirt, black thigh highs with heels and my shirt unbuttoned only halfway. of course Master did not allow a bra or panties of which i don't have anyway since Master has taken care of that for me.
this was my first time at this s&m store so i was a little nervous at first. but not for long because Master found "THE CANE". he talked about getting one for awhile now and when he seen it he just could not resist. he had me bend over right there in the store and try it on my naked ass. after the trying the cane on my ass it was in my hands for one of our purchases.
then Master had me try on several collars. this was our main reason for going here since the one i have is very worn. most of them were too bulky for my neck but we did buy two new ones. one is a dressy collar ( that really looks and feels great on my neck). the other one is black leather with the word "SLAVE" on it. now when i wear this everyone will know that i am Master's slave.
after leaving the s&m store Master could not wait to try the cane on my ass. we drove to a fairly vacant area and he had me bend over with my naked ass facing the cane. i must say that i got very aquainted with the cane today. it is now several hours later and i still have several marks on my ass from our new toy "THE CANE". i love it and am looking forward to my next set stripes.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

wall of pain

these have all touched my ass in a very special way

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

a new side

my Master told me this morning that i would suffer great punishment tonight for missing two of his cell phone calls last night. i was to be cropped hard and it was to be all on my front side since the front was a lot more tender than my back side. he thinks my ass is to tuff since the brush broke. to make matters worse i missed another call during the day from him. now i knew that there was no sweet talking my Master. i would just have to lay there and take it like the good slave i am.

well the time finally came for my punishment. Master had my arms cuffed behind my back and my legs were spread wide. of all the whips that my Master has the crop is the most painful of all. that must be why Master chooses to use it the most. i could not even count each swat of the crop because my body squinted with pain each time the crop hit my skin.

when my punishment was over---which seemed like hours but actually it was only a few minutes--- my body was on fire. but Master did kiss some of the hurt away as he always does. as i look at myself now i am seeing some very beautiful marks from the crop. Master knows that i love to see his marks on me because i know that the pain will bring me much pleasure later.