Saturday, March 25, 2006

ginger and i

well i guess you could say i brought this one on myself. last weekend i was at the store walking around looking and i came upon some ginger root. well Master and i had talked about figging one time when a reader ask if we ever done it. we did not even know what that was but with the internet we read all about it.

so being horny that day i thought i would go for it and bought two pieces to take to Master. when i showed him my purchase he smiled and said so you think you can take all that heat. he was talking about inside and out because i was to be cropped at the same time. i smiled and said i hope so.

so on Tuesday he told me to peel a piece of it and bring it to him as i was well over due for a good spanking anyway. i did as i was told and as i peeled it i was asking myself why would i want to do this to myself.

i brought over a nice peeled piece to Master and he worked on giving it a nice shape peeling it some more. then he put on my toy from Mistress the one that cuffs around my neck and goes down the back with two cuffs on it for my hands. then i was laid down on my belly my hands cuffed behind me. Master then pushed the ginger root inside of my bottom. once that was done he went to work swinging that crop at my naked ass cheeks.

at first the ginger did not feel so bad then it started. the heat and the pain in my ass and on my ass WOW how many different sensations for my little brain. i was not sure i was going to get though this without yelling out my safe word.

Master was really putting some zing on that crop and he made sure ginger did not slip out by pushing it back in deeper. he could tell i was having a hard time with the pain by the way hands were clinched so tight and my begging for mercy. i can not tell how many swats i got but my ass was cherry red on the outside and felt the same way on the inside.

Master stopped with crop for a while and just played with the root pushing in and taking it out. he then removed it for good after it had been in my ass for about 45 mins. then he uncuffed my arms and held me tight in his arms telling me how proud he was of his slave for taking the punishment without using her safe word. Master likes to test his slave sometimes on this and this was one of those times. i passed again.

after it was all over and looking back on it i really did enjoy it. just a another great time together trying new things in life. just waiting for the next time i need a good ass warming.


Sheen V said...

I'll have to try the ginger.

Camilla said...

I had never heard that about ginger.

Just said...

OH MY GRAVY...thats hot...ive always wanted to try it, but im scared, you are so awesome kk!