Tuesday, March 14, 2006

pic removed

well if you are looking for my pic with the tittie toys you are to late. Master has removed it. he said he will post more photos now and then for my fans to see but will remove them after a short while. he does not want to make this a porn site for the kids to look at. he said my blog is a place to tell my stories of my service to him as a slave not a porn site for the kids to visit all the time.

as you know Master enjoys me being in public places with little clothing on and being punished. well Sunday was just another day of fun doing just that. me in my very short white dress bent over being caned on my naked ass. i also had to wear the tittie toys for a few pics in the park.

he placed the toys on my lips also and not the ones on my face. then had me walk around to watch them swing under my dress for a while. he is always making me do things i never in my life thought i would or could do in front of any man or person. but he has a way to make me do it and enjoy it and cum back for more.

would love to post the pics from that day but Master said no. sorry fans. i think we are over the 400 mark on the pics. i know some women are lucky if there man even has a picture of her let alone over 400 in a naked or bondage state. i never had a nude picture taken of me before Master came along. it is great fun to look back at all our fun we have together.

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Sheen V said...

I totally agree with your views on the pictures. Anyway, your words paint a great picture in my mind. Exhibitionism is such a submissive activitiy knowing that others may be shocked by what they see. I do it as well for the same purpose.