Saturday, March 11, 2006

tittie toys

last Sunday Master and i were not the only ones to go shopping at the sex store. Mistress J and her hubby also went shopping for some new toys for there toy box. she also bought one for me.

on Monday at work Master was given a note to pass along to me from Mistress it told me what i was to do with my toy and to send back the pics of me doing to Mistress. the toy was given to Master and that night her gave it to me. opened up the very nice wrapped package only to find a pair of nipple clamps with weights attached to them.

Master then attached them to my very hard nipples the pain shoots right to my pussy and sets it flowing in wettness. they felt very good pulling on my very hard nipples as Master went to get his camera.

i can not wait until i can get the chance to thank Mistress for my new toy in person on my kness at her feet wearing my clamps for her in person. it makes me wet just writing about it.

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Sheen V said...

Very nice! The picture is having a similar effect on me.