Sunday, March 05, 2006

earned my stripes

today Master and i went shopping to the s&m store to buy a new collar for me. Master really liked seeing me dressed in my short black skirt, black thigh highs with heels and my shirt unbuttoned only halfway. of course Master did not allow a bra or panties of which i don't have anyway since Master has taken care of that for me.
this was my first time at this s&m store so i was a little nervous at first. but not for long because Master found "THE CANE". he talked about getting one for awhile now and when he seen it he just could not resist. he had me bend over right there in the store and try it on my naked ass. after the trying the cane on my ass it was in my hands for one of our purchases.
then Master had me try on several collars. this was our main reason for going here since the one i have is very worn. most of them were too bulky for my neck but we did buy two new ones. one is a dressy collar ( that really looks and feels great on my neck). the other one is black leather with the word "SLAVE" on it. now when i wear this everyone will know that i am Master's slave.
after leaving the s&m store Master could not wait to try the cane on my ass. we drove to a fairly vacant area and he had me bend over with my naked ass facing the cane. i must say that i got very aquainted with the cane today. it is now several hours later and i still have several marks on my ass from our new toy "THE CANE". i love it and am looking forward to my next set stripes.

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