Wednesday, September 30, 2009


twenty six hundred and forty two. take a guess at what that number means? could it be the number of swats i am getting or have gotten? just what could that number be?

when Master told me that number i could not believe it. i am sure it is a small number for some people, but it is a big one for me.

go ahead and take a stab at it and i will tell you later who got it right!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

tis the season

yes it is spanking season again. yes it is better known as football season to most of America, butt to me it is spanking season. this past week i could not remember the final score of my game. so Master said fine u will just get 50 with the crop that should cover it slave. well it should have been 68. the 18 will be added to this weeks score.

bent over naked with my ass held high He laid 50 nice hard ones on my ass with that mean ole crop. when He finished He said i could thank Him now. and with that He grabbed my hair and pulled my face into His crotch. i was told to suck it like a good whore would.

as He pounded my face He grabbed my hair brush off of the stand and smacked my ass hard with it. it took my breath away as i did not know it was coming until i felt the sting of it. as i gasp for air i pulled my mouth off of His member. that was not a good thing to do as He pushed me back down on it and held me there as He pounded my face harder now.

as He pounded my mouth on one end He pounded my ass on the other with my brush. He came with force as i drank Him all up not missing a drop. when He pulled my face off i had tears of joy in my eyes. WOW that was a hot one! i love it when He uses me like the whore i am.

He told me i was a good little cum slut and there are alot more games left to play and more cum to come. yes, He is adding the face fuck to my points this year. damm i love this time of year!

ps: i am glad my fans like the new look and picture. thanks

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a new look

for a old blog. i thought it was time to paint the place a new color and hang some new pictures up. hope you enjoy the new look.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


in public as a slave, but not showing my nakedness. i do this often by wearing my collar when shopping or in restaurants. i also wear a slave O ring on my finger and a large locking ankle chain on my ankle at all times. now anyone knowing about the lifestyle would know that i am a slave if they see any of these items.

a while back i did it without even knowing i did it. i am required to keep my nails painted at all times for Master. i have been going to the same girl for years to have them done. i was sitting there as she worked on my toes when Master called me on my cell. i answered as i always do without even thinking about anyone hearing me, hello Master.

we talked for a min or two and i said yes Master once or twice as we talked. not thinking about being heard by anyone. i am always in another world when it comes to Master. when i hung up she said to me so your Master call you today, as she smiled up at me. i said yes He did.

now i was not sure if she knew what Master meant or not, but by the way she looked & smiled at me i am sure she did. i did not think to much about it at the time, but the next time i was back as she finished up she ask no call from your Master today? as she smiled like she knew what she was asking about.

i told Master about what happen each time with her. the other day i told Master i was going to need to get my nails done soon. He said ok when u do we are going to have some fun with your nail girl. i ask Him what kind of fun? He said He was going to call me while i am there getting worked on. i am to answer hello Master as i always do, only this time He will ask me what i am doing?

my answer to Him will be "slave is getting her nails done for you Master". before we hang up He will ask if i will be ready to serve Him tonight? my answer is to be "yes Master slave will be ready to serve you at 6 pm". all of this is to be said loud enough for her to over hear me. no whispering allowed.

now she will know for sure i am His slave, but i think she already does so this will just confirm it for her. i am very proud to be a slave to Him and proud to show it! and yes i wear this collar in public places for all to see.