Sunday, February 25, 2007

puppy's bone

i was very excited when Master called & told me to meet him at the park yesterday. He was out shopping as was i. Master said He had a new toy for me to play with. well little did i know he was shopping at at the pet store.

well i raced off to our park to see what fun thing Master had bought for me. when Master arrived at the park He had this white thing in His hand and was unwrapping it. He walked up to me and told me to open my mouth. He then placed this small white dog bone in it and told me not to drop it. it was a dog bone for the puppy in me.

you see i am a very happy puppy when i have my bone to play with. that is what i call Master's hard cock that i am always begging for. i like to lick it and bury it deep inside me. He told me now i could have my bone anytime i wanted it. i was also told to have it with me at all times and to keep it clean as it will be used in my mouth & pussy. so here i stood like a real puppy being told about my new toy.

it was a beautiful day so Master and puppy went for a walk through the park with the bone still in my mouth. when Master decided he had walked his puppy enough we sat on a park bench for awhile. Master then told me to put the bone in my cunt and slide it in and out WOW! what a great feeling to have a breeze blowing, sun shining and me getting boned in the park. I LOVED IT!

all Master had to do was touch my nipples and I had an orgasm right there with the bone buried deep inside my cunt. Master knows just the right words and just the right way to caress me that just makes me shiver with joy. telling me i am good puppy as he pets my hair He then had me to take the bone out and lick it clean while he watched. the bone was very wet with my juices and it took a lot of licks to clean it but i loved every one of them.

i guess we spent about 2.5 hours playing at the park and now it was time to go. Master placed the bone back in my mouth as we got up to leave. i carried my bone back to the car like a good slut puppy. so if you ever see a woman walking around a park with a collar and leash on with a bone in her mouth that will be me. just stop by and say nice puppy.

thank you Master i really enjoy my play bone now can i have the real one? your slut puppy forever.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


well the garden is growing mmf toy as you can can see.

can not wait for May to get here. Master said i will not be shaved but waxed. never had a wax and i am looking forward to it. i will take great pain if that is what it takes to be bald again.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


some of you had ask a while back about the story behind the the thumbcuffs. Master likes to use them in public settings as they are easy for Him to cover with His hand. we can walk with His arm half way around me holding my cuffs in His hand and no one can see that i am cuffed.

with my arms cuffed behind me i can be exposed with no chance of covering up when someone comes near. He enjoys showing off this slave's body by having a blouse unbuttoned or me in a very short skirts that he will pull up.

just this past Sunday i was sent for a oil change wearing my short skirt and white blouse with no bra or panties of course. well when the kid came up to my car to get my info i was not even thinking about how i looked. my naked legs was his to veiw all the way up to my crotch. and veiw he did taking forever to get my info. not cuffed but very exposed as Master likes.

when he came back to me after it was done with my bill he told me don't be afraid to spread those legs. i laughed and said maybe next time. that is when i looked down to see how high the skirt was on me sitting there. he had a big grin of his face as i drove off. made his day and mine.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

about me

Master had me do a top 50+ things about me a long time ago. He picked these out for my 1st ten. you will see all of them over time if you come back to my blog. so here are just a few things you did not know about me or maybe you did if read my blog.

1. most of the time i don't wear a bra & i never wear panties. something that i would have never done two years ago.
2. i have a mean streak if you piss me off.
3. i got my hood perced 8 months ago and i am so happy i did. the pleasure i have received from it is so wonderful.
4. my pussy was always to be kept bald unless Master told me otherwise.(u see he changed that since i wrote this)
5. i love being tied up and spanked hard.
6. wish i could turn back time. i would do a LOT of things different.
7. i have just begun to love and live at 50+. Master came into my world and showed me what real love is.
8. laying naked on a beach is where i want to be.
9. i don't like sci-fi or John Wayne movies.
10. i would love to see what real snow looks like one day.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

what if they knew

the real me? i know someone out there reading this has ask and answered this very question before. what does happen when the everyday people you see and work with or even go to church with find out about you?

what happens when they find out you love to be submissive and be spanked, whipped and expose your naked body in public places? to submit to another person? why do we hide the things we love? sometimes i want to jump up on my desk at work and scream i am a slave, a cunt, a whore and i fucking love it!

i know my sex life is 25 times better than what they have. i have heard most of there sad stories or at least the ones they feel safe telling me. why are there all of these blogs with everyone telling the world how much they enjoy pain & subbing but won't tell their best friends?

i have told a few freinds and one co-worker about my lifestyle. all that know have no problem with what i love. those are the ones with very open minds. i wish i could tell more. why is a bdsm lifestyle so looked down on?

i don't know the answer that is why i ask the question.......... spank me Master i love it and want more of it!

P.S. did i tell you about being a bi slave? think i did and i love it!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

bush wins

with no hanging chads to re count bush wins by 5 votes. Master did allow Master michael-lucy & melody vote to count as 3 but his fucktoy only one vote counted. thank you to all of you that the took time to vote. a BIGGER thank you to the bald beaver voters.

i am looking forward to May 15th when i am shaved/waxed or duct taped. i have no clue as to how it will be done. i do know this ugly looking mess will be gone and that is what counts most to me. now i know why they say bald is beautiful.

and yes jen, Master liked your idea of the points being applied to the shaved area. so no thanks for your ideas. that means 26 points will be applied to my fresh shaved/waxed pussy. ouchhhhhhhh.......

talking about points, i was given 60 with the cane yesterday for missing two of Master's phone calls this past week. it was 10 per missed call but i was just given some the week before so He doubled it. that gave me forty points. then doing the caning i moved my head off the floor twice and added 20 more to my poor red hot ass. it burned like a hot fire yesterday and today i wear my stripes with pride.

have to run my phone is ringing.