Thursday, February 22, 2007


well the garden is growing mmf toy as you can can see.

can not wait for May to get here. Master said i will not be shaved but waxed. never had a wax and i am looking forward to it. i will take great pain if that is what it takes to be bald again.


DL's toy said...


kinda purrty, in its own way, no?

Great pain could never describe the first cunt waxing. The longer it is, the more torturous it is. It gets easier but is still not a walk in the park (for this painslut) and i've been at least a dozen times.

It's shocking.

You're going to go through hell. And i sure can't wait to read all about it (because i went through this hell once too).

Email me for some tips, if you want.


Anonymous said...

good looking bush, but may seems still far away

good luck

Sheen V said...

I've been letting mine grow out too, but just the hair above my cock. I'll have to send you a picture.