Tuesday, February 13, 2007

what if they knew

the real me? i know someone out there reading this has ask and answered this very question before. what does happen when the everyday people you see and work with or even go to church with find out about you?

what happens when they find out you love to be submissive and be spanked, whipped and expose your naked body in public places? to submit to another person? why do we hide the things we love? sometimes i want to jump up on my desk at work and scream i am a slave, a cunt, a whore and i fucking love it!

i know my sex life is 25 times better than what they have. i have heard most of there sad stories or at least the ones they feel safe telling me. why are there all of these blogs with everyone telling the world how much they enjoy pain & subbing but won't tell their best friends?

i have told a few freinds and one co-worker about my lifestyle. all that know have no problem with what i love. those are the ones with very open minds. i wish i could tell more. why is a bdsm lifestyle so looked down on?

i don't know the answer that is why i ask the question.......... spank me Master i love it and want more of it!

P.S. did i tell you about being a bi slave? think i did and i love it!


Anonymous said...

How true, why do we have to hide? I guess its because the "others" have a fear of the unknown and simply cannot understand us at all.

I have added your link to my blog, I hope you dont mind hun.


Sheen V said...

Yep, its those "others" and their closed minds that ruin it for the rest of us. I try not to think of them or what they think.

kk said...

thanks rosebud for adding me to your blog. i do not mind at all as it gives more people a veiw of the life we all love.

maybe someday we will all stand up and say this is who we really are.

and always a kiss for sheen v for stopping by.