Saturday, February 17, 2007

about me

Master had me do a top 50+ things about me a long time ago. He picked these out for my 1st ten. you will see all of them over time if you come back to my blog. so here are just a few things you did not know about me or maybe you did if read my blog.

1. most of the time i don't wear a bra & i never wear panties. something that i would have never done two years ago.
2. i have a mean streak if you piss me off.
3. i got my hood perced 8 months ago and i am so happy i did. the pleasure i have received from it is so wonderful.
4. my pussy was always to be kept bald unless Master told me otherwise.(u see he changed that since i wrote this)
5. i love being tied up and spanked hard.
6. wish i could turn back time. i would do a LOT of things different.
7. i have just begun to love and live at 50+. Master came into my world and showed me what real love is.
8. laying naked on a beach is where i want to be.
9. i don't like sci-fi or John Wayne movies.
10. i would love to see what real snow looks like one day.

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DL's toy said...

Always interesting reading things about the anonymous people who share glorious kink! Do more?

i dislike scifi too. But i'm a geek. LOL!

Oh, and there's more than enough snow here. If i never saw it again in person, i could never be happier.

How's your garden growing?