Sunday, February 25, 2007

puppy's bone

i was very excited when Master called & told me to meet him at the park yesterday. He was out shopping as was i. Master said He had a new toy for me to play with. well little did i know he was shopping at at the pet store.

well i raced off to our park to see what fun thing Master had bought for me. when Master arrived at the park He had this white thing in His hand and was unwrapping it. He walked up to me and told me to open my mouth. He then placed this small white dog bone in it and told me not to drop it. it was a dog bone for the puppy in me.

you see i am a very happy puppy when i have my bone to play with. that is what i call Master's hard cock that i am always begging for. i like to lick it and bury it deep inside me. He told me now i could have my bone anytime i wanted it. i was also told to have it with me at all times and to keep it clean as it will be used in my mouth & pussy. so here i stood like a real puppy being told about my new toy.

it was a beautiful day so Master and puppy went for a walk through the park with the bone still in my mouth. when Master decided he had walked his puppy enough we sat on a park bench for awhile. Master then told me to put the bone in my cunt and slide it in and out WOW! what a great feeling to have a breeze blowing, sun shining and me getting boned in the park. I LOVED IT!

all Master had to do was touch my nipples and I had an orgasm right there with the bone buried deep inside my cunt. Master knows just the right words and just the right way to caress me that just makes me shiver with joy. telling me i am good puppy as he pets my hair He then had me to take the bone out and lick it clean while he watched. the bone was very wet with my juices and it took a lot of licks to clean it but i loved every one of them.

i guess we spent about 2.5 hours playing at the park and now it was time to go. Master placed the bone back in my mouth as we got up to leave. i carried my bone back to the car like a good slut puppy. so if you ever see a woman walking around a park with a collar and leash on with a bone in her mouth that will be me. just stop by and say nice puppy.

thank you Master i really enjoy my play bone now can i have the real one? your slut puppy forever.

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Anonymous said...

Great afternoon story.... and I most surely stop and say hi.

Like the idea of you keeping your prize with you always.