Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Hoildays

Wishing all of our kinky readers a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy Spanking New Year's.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

cool again

yes we finally had a cold front blow into town if can call 50-60 cold. well i know cold is more like 0- 30 degrees, but when you live in 80-95 weather most of the time 50 is a nice change.

the big change for me is when the weather cools down i wear less when i go out. i am sure you think i have that backwards, but i don't. you see when it is hot out i wear a shirt & shorts that's two items. when the weather is cold i just wear my coat.

yes that's all i am allowed to wear to do my shopping in. it feels great to walk around naked under my coat and feel the smooth silk like lining rub against my naked body. it also a thrill and a rush to know that i am naked in a crowd of one knows that i am unless i bend over or open my coat for them. Master has had me do both just to make my pussy wet.

and on the spanking front i received a nice hard 100 the other day with the leather paddle just because i needed it. yes i was was feeling a little down and out that morning. Master said you need a little pick me up slave so you will be spanked hard tonight. i said yes Master in a very sad tone. He then added more to my count.

i was naked and in position for Him when He arrived. He really laid them on my upturned ass. when He got to #70 He stopped and ask me if He should stop or go on? i said no Master give me all 100. He told me to beg for 30 more slave and put that ass out there like you really do want them.

so i did, i begged Him for more and stuck my naked ass high in the air for Him. i thanked Him after each one and begged Him for another one. yes i begged for all 30 and enjoyed each and every one more. there is just something about being made to beg and showing (ass held high) that you really do want more. i felt so submissive and close to Him, it was great.

and yes the next day i was a happy camper again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the pits

you know sometimes it is hard to sit down and write about things Master and i do. it always seems that i am telling you the samething over and over. i got a spanking and my ass was beat red, i was exposed or i don't ever wear panties, as i own none Master owns them.

well this post is a little different subject. i have posted about being on shave restriction before, on my pussy and once on my whole body. this time it was my arm pits.

now as any woman out there knows this is not a good thing to have happen to you. anyone and everyone can see your pits at anytime when you least expect it. short sleeve shirt and raise you arms to stretch and there it is a hairy pit for all to see.

Master had me stop shaving when my boys lost there 1st game and i was not allowed to shave again until they won. and then i had to ask permission to do it. well i had some nice long hair being they lost two games in a row. give me back my Romo boy.

well i am shaved smooth again until they lose. a new twist to my punishment for a loss. oh yes i still get my spankings on the point system too. i would take a hard ass caning over growing underarm hair. that just sucks for me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

in the window

in front of anyone that walked or drove by. yes Master had His naked ass slave bent over the ac unit with it blowing very cold air on my front side as He warms my back side. He calls it icy hot.

i stand in front of the window naked on the ground level of a nice hotel looking out into a parking lot hoping no one drives up or walks by. i was caught once doing this in a second floor window by the maids coming in to work. there was two of them in the car and they looked up at me as they parked. they just smiled as they got out of their car and walked in. i was sure all the hotel workers knew it as i walked up to check out later.

my nipples are froze and rock hard as the ac air blows on high and my ass is red hot from the cane and flogger that hit it. i must not move off of the ac unit until i am told to do so. when i am told to so most times it is to fall to my knees right there and thank Master by sucking Him off in front the window.

we spend that whole day in that room naked with me serving Him in all and every way and never once shut the curtain. we even slept for a while and have no idea if anyone peeked in on us. as you know Master loves to show me off and it adds a little something to it when i sit on His face and having a O looking out the window for someone to be watching.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

in the dark

i know it has been some time since my last posting here. there is a good reason for that. IKE! yes Mr IKE blew my lights outs for a solid two weeks. that was not a fun two weeks i will tell you that and i am glad to be back on the electric grid again.

i can not tell you how many times i flipped on the light switch walking into a dark room. and i am sick of hearing the sound of generators running, even my own. we are very lucky and survived it better than a lot of folks did, so i am not complaining. i am glad it is over and life is back to normal for the most part for me.

i did get a good pussy whipping from Master during the down time. i was told to meet Him at 12:40 pm for lunch. well i had some time to kill so i went shopping and lost all track of time it was 12:46 when i looked at my phone to check the time.

then came a text from Master telling me i was late. i replyed that i was coming. at 12:55 another text came telling me i was now fucking late. i knew Master was going to punish me for sure now. i arrived at 1:00 pm.

when i got out of the car Master ask me if i knew how to tell time? i said i did and that i was very sorry for being late. He said sorry does cut it slave. raise your skirt, spread your legs wide and show me your pussy. i did as told right there in the parking lot. He than pulled out the small flogger from His pocket.

right there between the cars i was pussy whipped hard. it was very painful, but i knew i deserved what i was getting for being late. not sure how many was given i just know my pussy was red & sore during my whole lunch.

i will not be shopping to kill time before a meeting with Master and i will never be late again. that i do know.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

just never know

who is watching you. Master and i were at the park the other day just walking around and enjoying the cooler weather. well as you know Master always has me dress like a $2 whore and this day was no different.

i had my short skirt and thin white shirt with my collar on as always. and as far as Master was concerned i was way over dressed. He likes me to be bare ass naked you know. as we walked & talked He felt me up as always and played with my nipples and naked ass.

the parking lot had 4 cars parked in it when we came in and they seemed to be empty as we only saw one other couple in the park. the other couple saw us and said hello as we walked by them. they sure did give me a look over as we passed. they left shortly after we arrived and we thought we were alone in the park.

we sat on the bench and played with each other and kissed like teenages on there first date. i guess if you saw us you would say they need to get a room the way we were acting. well if you know anything at all about my Master from reading this blog you know He enjoys playing with me in public.

as we were walking back to our car Master pulled my skirt up around my waist so i could enjoy the cool breeze blowing on my naked shaved pussy and ass. i am sure it was a good 50+ yards that i walked with skirt hiked up.

when we got up to our car He pulled me back into His body with His left arm as He spanked my naked ass with His right hand. as He did this i thought i saw something move in one of the cars in the parking lot. i told Master to look over at that red car do you see anyone in it? He looked and said no as He spanked me harder for scaring Him.

as He spanked on me He looked at the car and then saw something move to. He said slave we are being watched by someone as He pulled down my skirt. He said let's leave as the last thing we need is to explain to the cops why you are being spanked on a naked ass in front of this person.

as we drove by we could see a woman sitting in the car watching us go by with a one dirty look on her face. as we drove away Master said i guess you have been spanked in public for real now slave. oh what a rush that was! gave me one wet pussy for my ride home.

oh yea someone asked about seeing me with Master's new flogger. and yes i do love it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more shopping

yes i know it's back to school time, but i was not looking for school supplies. i needed a oil change so i was sent off to the lube place in my short black skirt and very thin lite blue shirt with no undies at all of course.

once i gave the lube boys a good t & a show like a good slut it was off to the dollar store with Master. all of the items Master needed to look at were on the bottom shelf?
funny how that always happens when i shop with Him.

i found a nice plastic fly swatter and ask Master if He needed one for that fly on my ass cheek? i lifted up my skirt for Him as He tried to swat the fly a few times and He said no as it was to lite to kill ass flys.

next stop was at the x-rated dvd store where another button was to be opened on my blouse as we looked for s&m dvds. just the clerk and another man shopping were in the store at the time. and damm don't you know all of the good dvds were on the bottom shelf. we could not find the s&m ones at first, but when Master did find them He yelled out to me across the store.
slave i found the good s&m dvds you like over here.

they were right there in front of the check out & clerk and as we looked through them Master would ask me what do you think of this one slave? i would answer looks good to me Master. we ended up buying three of them that we liked. i handed them over to the clerk as Master told me we will go watch these and see if can learn something new to do to you.

then it was off to a new smoke and toke place Master found that was not very busy and had a lone male clerk. Master wanted to give him a show so i was to look at all the of the sex toys on the bottom shelf as Master would ask me how do you like the size of that rubber cock slave? will it fit inside you?

yes and i was wearing my white collar doing all of my shopping. i really am very proud of being His slave and wearing His collar for all to see.

and wait until you hear about and see me shopping for a new truck for Master.i just wore my collar sitting in the new trucks we found unlocked. will do more than sit next time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

new toy

has arrived and it looks great. the handle has "made for slave kk's ass 08" imprinted on it. i can not wait to feel the sting of it. Master & Mistress are planing the day they both can have a swing at my naked ass with it.

Master wants to share the fun of it with Her. it has has been way to long since this slave has enjoyed the taste of a Her. i need both Her & the pain very bad.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


i am sure no one knows what the title of this post means, but it is my new name or title. Master is even thinking of changing the name of this blog.

Mnas is short for three different names that Master likes to call me.

1. My naked ass slave (He uses this one the most)
2. Master's naked ass slave
3. Marked naked ass slave

He came up with this a while back and it seems to have fit me well because i always have a naked ass around Master. He even has me drive to work sometimes on a naked ass meaning my jeans are pulled down to my knees so i am sitting on a naked ass.

any and every time i ride with Him in His truck it is a must that my pants are down at my ankles without fail.
yesterday found me sitting naked ass next to a big truck at a red light as Master pulled right up next to the drivers side window. my very first reaction was to close my legs as He got closer. i am made to ride with them spread wide open for His use. He will finger fuck me at lights.

He told me to spread them open as He pulled up and stopped next to the large truck. as luck would have it the driver was busy looking at some paper work on his right side and did not even look at me. good for me, but bad for my Master. He likes to show me off to others.

so what do you think, has the time come for a blog name change? and which one should He use? He likes My naked ass slave, but i am really Master's naked ass slave.
and yes i am naked now.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

new toy

coming in the mail. yes Master is adding a new toy to our toy bag. like He don't already have enough toys for my poor ass. He has been looking for a flogger and the other day He found one online and He bought it.

He is really looking forward to watching me dance in my bonds while He gives me a real good flogging. i am not sure who is more excited about it Him or i? it should make for a real fun day for us both. i can't wait to feel the sting and pain from its tails. i am sure it will make some very nice marks for pictures too.

i am really look forward to being tied spread wide and used as a target for His whips and canes. i know to a lot of folks that sounds just plain crazy and few years ago i would have said the same thing, but now i know the joys of pain & pleasure and i love it.

whip me hard Master please!

Saturday, August 02, 2008


while it has been a while since my last post. don't know where the time goes,but it seems to go fast. hard to believe it is August already. i guess that is a good thing for me, as it means football spankings will be coming soon to a ass near me.

yes it is my favorite time of year when i can watch my boys win or lose and know i will get whipped for it. it adds a little something extra to watching the game for me. the more they score the more i get. so you know i am rooting for high scores.

i also have been spending time on my knees in the corner these past few weeks. no i have not done anything bad. it is just what i am doing now for my Master worship time. as you know every morning before work i put in my butt plug and submit my mind & body to Master.

i know that as a slave i belong on my knees at my Master's feet. i enjoy being on my knees for Him. it gives me a lot of pleasure to kneel for Him and before Him. i am at ease in my mind when i do my worship time and is a great way to start off my day.

i must say & repeat the following out loud while in the corner: plugged and on my knees for this is where i belong for i am just a slave for your pleasure Master.

i would never have dreamed i would be doing things like this in my life. i was just your everyday woman living a life like June Clever before Master. now i am a sex slave that just loves being a slut.

thank you Master for showing me a new exciting life to live. i love you.

in the pics above Master wanted to show what happen before i was sent to the corner.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mistress may i?

the other day Master came across a picture of two men doing one woman. she had one man pounding her from the rear as the other one was being sucked off.

He showed me the picture and ask me what end would i like cam man on if that was me? i told Him that i did not know and whatever end he was on at that moment would be ok with me.

as you know cam man is married to the woman that is also my Mistress when we play. us girls are always playing while the guys take pictures. Master does get in on some of the playing, but cam man always hangs in the backround taking more pics. guess that is why we call him cam man.

Master has been playing with my mind about having two men at the same time just like in the porno movies. well Master wanted a real answer from me this morning on what end cam man should be on. so i came right out and told Him i want cam man to pound my cunt while He face fucks me.

He said good choice now you need to ask Mistress for permission to have Her man inside you. so the next get together we have with them i will be on my knees begging Her for permission to use Her mans cock for my own pleasure.

i sure hope Her answer is yes as Master has me very wet and worked up just talking about it. i will be a true 100% cum slut that day.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

bikini car wash

well Master had me working at the car wash last weekend. it was the first time i have ever used one of those self wash places. i just use a garden hose and do mine at home. why pay for a pressure wash?

Master wanted to watch me wash His truck in a public place wearing my bikini & collar for all to see. so it was off to the car wash down the street with me wearing nothing, but my collar and bikini.

when we pulled in there where some guys there using the wash and i was very nervous about doing this. Master did pull into the end stall so that made it a little better. He got the bucket out and put some coins in and the sprayer started shooting out water.

he handed me the wand and said get after it slave and do not miss anything. as i sprayed and washed He took pictures of me. well the guy in the stall next to us finished his car and pulled out in front of us to the vacuums.

well there was no place for me to hide as he worked on his car and watched me work on Master's. he did not say anything to us, but i am sure he was not believing what he was seeing. how many times have you been to a car wash and seen a older woman in a collar & bikini?

yes i know i am no 20 year old girl and i never dreamed i would be in a bikini at my age, but what the hell you only live once and if you did not do then do it now.

Master said i did a great job for my first time out and maybe next time i should wear even less. i am hoping His truck stays clean for a very long time.

p.s. my butt plug training is coming along good. the last two times Master put it in i was very calm. i am also shopping with it inside with no panties on to catch it. as you know i do not own any panties anyway. who knew i could be such a slut? i guess Master knew.

Friday, July 04, 2008


yes i am very proud of myself and Master is also proud of me. Monday was cam man's birthday so i was told i would be taking his b-day spanking. so Monday after work i stripped naked and turned over on my stomach and put my hands behind my head. Master said you will be getting 100 swats with the crop tonight.

now cam man is not 100 years old, but Master said He has been too soft on me as of late. now one thing Master hates is for me to jump up or dance around when being spanked. i have really tired to hold my position and not move for Him, but sometimes i just do it after a really good hard placed swat.

now i was not even sure i could take all 100 let alone not move from position. i was going to give it my all to stay in place and take my punishment. Master started off with hard swings and did not ease much up at all. i stayed in place taking them like a true slave.

Master likes it when his slave stays in place without bonds to hold her there. He says that is the sign of a true masochist to stay in place and take the pain. well i wanted Him and you to know i enjoy it, so i did not move. and yes i took all 100 of them.

when Master finished with the spanking He inserted my butt plug for the ride home. well i put that plug in every morning myself for worship time, but it is not often i have someone else do it. i moved and begged for Him to let me do it myself, but He said no.

once it was in He said i will need to do some training with Him putting it in for me. so now twice a week Monday & Fridays He will insert it for my ride home from work. He said i can start and finish the week on a plug. and yes He does make me spread my own ass cheeks open for Him.

i also got another 50 swats with a 2" x2" x 1/4" oak stick on Wed night and it has more bite than the crop. yes He is not being soft with me no more. and yes i never moved from my position.

Happy 4th to you all.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

more slut n around

yes i was showing off again today at the nail salon. Master had me wear my short black skirt and white thin shirt to have my pedicure and manicure done. i am required to keep my nails painted & looking good at all times for my Master.

i sat down in the chair to put my feet in the whirlpool as the girl bent down to fill it i saw her eyes look up my legs. i am sure she saw my bald cunt when she did as she got up and came back with a towel a put it over my legs. well so much for showing off my cunt for Master.

well she could not see my cunt, but my nipples could not hide. they were hard as rock and poked right thru the white thin shirt for all to see. there were other ladies in the shop, but only one looked at me like i was the town whore. i did not care as i knew what i was doing was all for my Master and the made it ok with the world for me.

it makes me proud to show off for Him and He is always proud of me when i do. the other day we stopped in for drinks at a local restaurant and i wore my white collar in for Master just because i wanted to for Him. He also had me unbutton three shirt buttons to show off to the waiter.

i wear my collar alot more in public now as i have found that most people don't care what you are wearing these days. i do get a few looks and when i do i know they know what i am. it just makes me feel great and very wet too.

i love this life.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

sent to the groomer

yes i was sent to get my haircut or as my Master calls it going to the groomer. the hair on my head was getting long and needed a trim. i made my appointment and then told Master the time and date of it. He said good He would go with me so He could watch.

now i am thinking He wanted to watch me get my haircut and thought how very nice of Him.

oh no, He did not want to watch that. He wanted to watch me walk through the mall in my grey tube top and short mini skirt to the salon. i said there was no way i could wear that top in there as it is very thin and my hard nipples poke right out in it.

just the way He likes it. so it was my dress code of the day. i was very nervous in that outfit i was wet from sweat and my cunt was wet from excitement. i had no bra and i do not own panties so it was almost like walking in there naked.

serveral women looked my way as i walked through the mall. i could feel there eyes burn right through me as i walked. i know my hairdresser got a great look of my tits & nips as she washed my hair. with my head tilled back into the sink she could look right down the top and there was no way to hide my hard nipples that stuck out from her. i was very happy to get to her chair and have the cape put around me to cover me up. Master watched me from afar the whole time.

i was so excited in doing this for Him that once the cape was over me i took my hand to my cunt and put my finger in it just to check the wetness of it. yes i was turn on by exposing myself for all to see and was very wet. if felt good to have my finger in there with others close by, but not knowing.
when she was done with my haircut and pulled the cape back off of me i felt as if she just stripped naked right there in front of everyone. the shop was full and i had to walk to the front to pay and ask if i could add a tip to it as i had no cash on hand. they said sure than handed me the cash to give to her. that meant walking back through the crowed shop to pay her. as i did she smiled and looked right at my tits and said thank you. i know i turn 20 shades of red.
now for the walk back out of the mall to the car with arms at my side and Master watching i showed myself off like any good slut would.

now Master wants to go shopping for a mattress with me wearing my very short white dress. i am to lay down on the mattress and stretch out for Him in front of the sales person. i know for a fact my bald cunt will be seen by all that look that day. and i am sure it will be soaked that day.

oh the fun we have.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


the stick puppy. yesterday i found myself in a mini skirt with a lite blue top and flip flops running for a stick. yes just like in the movie Pet i ran for a wood stick and returned it to my Master. i ran both ways just like a good puppy would.

this was not done in a private setting, but a public park for all to watch. the park is small one and with no kid things to to play on. there were a few people there, but they did not seem to notice what i was doing. they could have seen what was going on just by looking our way, but they did not seem to notice us.

it was a hot day and puppy was hot so Master wet her down with His water bottle. that made my very hard nipples shine though my thin top. the pic is of me getting my stick. hope you like it.

this cumming weekend i will be serving Mistress and cam man in ways that i never have. it will be a first for me to serve two men at the same time. Master has told me all of my holes will be filled at the same time. i can not wait.

more to cum.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

hold that dime

last weekend Master and i had a play day. a play day for us is a day where we are both naked all day and i am His sex whore. well this day started off with me on the floor on my knees and my face down on the floor and my ass high in the air. Master stood above me and whipped on my raised ass as i kissed His feet and licked His toes.

i worked my way up His legs once i was told to lick higher to something harder. i really enjoy it when Master grabs a hand full of my hair and fucks my face as He did this time. it makes me feel good to be His cum slut and taste His juices. i always wanted to be a whore/sex slave and now i am.

next i was put up on the bed on my knees with my face in the pillows. a speader bar was attached to my ankle cuffs and my cuffed hands pulled under me and attached to center of the spreader bar. in this position Master has full access to my ass and cunt. it was now time to warm up the inside of my ass. as he pushed in some fresh cut ginger root into my ass i begged Him to stop. my ass was on fire inside. i was made to hold it in while He warmed up the outside of my ass with a crop.

oh and yes He did play with my bald pussy at the same time just to help take my mind off my burning ass. when He released me i fell into the bed spent. it was now time to fuck & suck & spoon a little and just relax into each others arms. i love this part the most.

after some good sex and a lite nap for us both it was time for more b&d play. i was bent over the table next and tied with my arms pulled tight above my head and my legs spread wide and tied. He then went to work on me with the qurit. it has a mean sting to it and Master really knows how to use it. i was pulled up so tight by my arms that only my toes touched the floor adding to my pain.

next came the funny part of our day. i was taken off the table and put onon my knees on the floor. He locked my hands behind me in handcuffs and had me facing the wall. He than put a dime on the wall and told me to hold it up there with my nose and DO NOT DROP IT slave! and while i did this He cropped my ass.

well i hurt all over from being tied before and now my arms, knees & nose were hurting bad. i wish you could have seen all the things i did to keep that damm dime from falling. the way i tired to see it with my eyes and try to push harder with my nose to keep it from falling. i held it there for about 25 mins as i begged Master to let me quit.

when He reached around me to catch the dime as i pulled my nose off the wall the dime stayed in place. yes thats right the damm dime did not move. Master even took a picture of it. it was like it was glued on the wall. we both just laughed as it was so funny seeing it stay there without my nose holding it and thinking of all i did to keep it there.

we had a great day being naked all day and playing together without a care in the world. sometimes you just need to have a day to play in the nude.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

takes one to know one

on Friday's I am known to stop and pickup donuts or such for my co-workers. it is a great way to start out the last day of the week. one of the things that adds a little something to it is i must always wear my collar in where ever i stop. this is something that give me pleasure and adds a little to my shopping.

for the most part no one ever pays attention to it or me. there is one store i stop at that has a male working behind the counter that wears a chain with a small lock around his neck. i have seen him there before, but i don't know if he has ever seen me.

i am sure his chain & lock means he is a slave to someone just as my collar does. well this past Friday he not only saw me in my white w/o-ring collar. he stared at it to the point of forgetting about what he was doing. and to top that off he waited on me and stared at it more. he did not say anything about it, but i knew he knew and he knew i knew that we were both owned.

it is really the first time anyone has stared at it and me. i am sure one day one of us slaves will be brave enough to ask the other about it. i am sure if he asks first i will turn red in a heart beat. so maybe i should be the first one to ask?

what do you think? has anyone ever ask you about your collar in public?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

not all punishment

comes in the form of a spanking for me. this past week for worship time i was told to sit in front of the mirror naked with legs spread wide and masturbate using my dog bone. i was to watch as the bone slid in and out for the full 10 mins. well for some reason when i woke up and sat in front of the mirror i forgot all about the bone and used my fingers instead.

well Master found out this puppy did not use her bone as she was told. so now i get to hand write in the punishment book 108 times (twice my age) the following sentence: "this slave will masturbate with her dog bone when she is told without fail"

He said being my fingers had pleasure they can now have the pain. so i will be having some writers cramp as my punishment. so you see it is not always the pain i enjoy so much.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

a hairbrush

a hairbrush. do you know what fun a hairbrush can bring? well it can bring a lot of pleaasure to a person as it did this past week to me. oh yes my ass has been warmed very many times with the back side of the hairbrush. so i do know the pain and pleasure that can bring.

Master did more than just spank my naked ass hard with my hairbrush. He gave me some of the best pleasure i have ever had with it. i was spanked for a total of 45 times this past week. He would have stopped at 40, but i move from my position of laying down with my legs spread wide and that added 5 more to my ass for moving.

all 45 were done at one time. i was than told to roll over and put my hands behind my head. He than turned the brush over and ran the hard bristles accross my hard naked nipples and down my side over my bald cunt. i can not tell you the pain i felt inside me. it was if my skin was being ripped away from my body & it burned like a fire inside me, but i loved it and wanted more. He gave me more too as He brushed my naked body like hair.

all of that happen on Wednesday night. on Thursday night i was to have my nipples brushed again for a minor misdeed that day. as i lay naked with my hands behind my head Master started brushing on my hard nipples. He loves to watch me take my pain as He gives it knowing i will not move or scream out to Him to stop.

He did not brush them hard this night just enought to get me wet. He moved the brush down my body and worked over my cunt with it. He than took the ribbed handle of the brush and started to work it inside my wet cunt as i lay spread wide open for Him.

as He worked the handle deep inside my cunt He sucked and bit down hard on my hard nipples. i was gone into sexual pleasure and i wanted it harder and deeper inside me like i have never wanted anything else. i came so many times i lost count.

He fucked my cunt like never before with that brush as i screamed out in pleasure. He than went down on me with His tounge as He banged away at my cunt with the brush. i was just a sex whore wanting that brush deeper and harder inside me.

WOW! what a slut/cunt i have become with this man. my Master.

Friday, March 28, 2008

on my way

back to the red room for a real punishment. this trip is needed to punish a slave that has a big mouth that said the word NO to her Master. i can tell you this will not be a fun day for this slave.

a few drinks & not eating on a night out with Master & friends and i made a ass of myself. now the ass will suffer for it. i not only told Master NO to His face, i almost screamed it at Him. He took it very well, but i knew with the look in His stare i fucked up big time. sometimes the brain does not know what the mouth is saying. and this night they both let me down.

many of people there that did not know about my being a slave to Master. so He could not control me there as He would have liked to. Master was very mad that night and He would not punish me until later. He will not punish me when He is mad.

the next day He said we needed some time in the red room. i said oh that will be fun as He knows i like to be tied to the cross. He said not fun for you this time slave. this time it will be for real punishment. in other words He is going to whip me like a slave that was caught running from the plantation. there will be no mercy and the ball gag will be used so the safeword can't.

He told me that in all the time i have been His slave He has never had a really solid reason to punish me, but this time He does and He will. i will learn the painful way as i can not learn any other way. i will be begging for mercy long before i am gagged & tied tight on that cross. i know once i am there it will be to late for begging.

in some ways i am looking forward to it as it will test me and show us both what this slave can take. i am sure once it is over i will enjoy looking at my marks and smile with pride of being His.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

your sex life

is the headline news tonight, film at 6. now i know i am not going to be on the 6 clock news like the NY governor was this past week. i do know that it would shock to a lot of family and friends if they read this blog and put two & two together and came up with me.

i see a lot of blogs with pictures on them showing their faces on the blog. i want to know if anyone has been discovered by someone that did not know you liked your sex kinky until they came across your blog? how did they take it? did they tell others about you? did it cause you to lose or leave a job?

i would love to tell everyone i know that i love to be tied up and spanked hard and give my Master blowjobs among the many other things i do. if they read this blog they would know all about me and the real sex whore i am. telling them and being accepted is a big roll of the dice.

but i also know that i will not be posting my face here anytime soon. i will show you the rest of my body as you all ready know. i often wonder how many people have read this blog that really do know me, but did not know it was me they were reading about.

why is the land of the free and home of the brave so uptight on nudity, sex and most of all s&m? tell us what happen when your kinky sex life became front page news in the friends gazette. or better yet you are exposed on the front page of your hometown newspaper for all to see and read about.

talk about exposed Master said He wants me to do more of that this year. so we are going shopping for some shorter skirts and see thru clothes. and if you do know or see me please don't tell the friends gazette;)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

slave survivor

Master would like to put this slave on a island naked for one month. He would like to tie me to a tree and whip me hard just to hear me scream and know no one will hear me. put me in a dog crate and watch as heavy rains pour down on my naked body. how long would i last? put me on a wood pony as it gets raised higher every 30 mins. watch me crawl on my belly through mud to reach my next meal and than watch as the mud dries on my naked body. the mud would stay on until rain came or it fell off.

that is just a few of the ideas He has for His slave survivor show. He has a lot more ideas, but you get the idea. i am sure we would have a great time playing games and being naked for a month would make for a great tan.

have you ever watched some of the things they do on the show and think how great it would be if they were all slaves with their Masters? we need to get together all of the slaves that blog onto a island. so grab your Master/Mistress or both and let's go live a dream for a month. what do you think?

and feel free to share your ideas on what games to play.

Friday, February 29, 2008

slave on the rocks

does anyone remember the song "Love on the Rocks"? well if you do than tell me who sang it?

well it was not really not on the rocks like you climb, but you walk on. last Sunday we stopped by the park for a walk. when Master got out of the truck He ask me for my shoes. i was standing next to Him and gave them to Him and not thinking of what was coming next.

He took them from me and put them inside the truck & locked the doors. He said to me are you ready to walk slave, as He attached a leash to my collar. i was somewhat shocked and ask Him about my shoes? He said i would be walking barefoot today or i could walk bare naked if i wanted, my choice? well i am sure you know what the answer to that question was??

i love to be naked & barefoot at home for Him, but not outdoors without my flipflops on my feet. it was not easy for me to just follow along with Him as He pulled on my leash. my feet are very tender and it hurt to walk on the rock pathway. i was a very slow walker and my feet hurt for hours after it was over.

not only did i walk without my shoes on. my thumbs were cuffed behind my back with my shirt unbutton so anyone & everyone could see my naked tits. i am so glad that this park is empty most of the time. it is in full veiw of a street with passing cars and many do just happen to drive in & stop at times.

i will tell you that i felt as if my feet where cut all over after our walk and well into the night. Master said work on making them tougher as there will be more barefoot walking to come for me.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


i just need some pain to make my world go around. Friday was one of those days. i woke up needing some pain this day. so at worship time i put my clothespins on my hard nipples. yes i did it not Master.

Master enjoys it when i do things like this myself. He tells me when i do it on my own it shows Him i really do enjoy pain and just not doing it for Him. so after He found out i was wearing my clothespins He ask if i wanted more pain as in a whipping? well you should know what my answer was, YES.

i was told it would happen after work so be ready for it. well the work day was crazy busy and i forgot about my whipping i had coming. so i was not naked in position when Master arrived. as soon as i saw Him reach for the rubber cat i knew i was in for a good one.

i was naked with tits down and ass upin position in a flash. He talked about my not being ready and how this would add to my punishment. i said yes Master i understand and will take what i am given for my misdeed.

He said the strokes will be double the amount and harder than He had planed. so my poor ass was in for it now. not only did my ass get to feel the sting of the cat, but my back as well. from the collar around my neck down to the back of my thighs felt the burning and stinging of a rubber cat swung hard.

some of the hits sent chills up my spine as i thanked Master for each and every one and begged for a another. when He was done He stuck His finger inside my pussy to check my wetness and i was soaked. that also tells Him how much i enjoy the pain. what a great way to end a busy day and start off the weekend.

my naked bald cunt is wet now just writing about it.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

i know it's

been a while since my last posting. i think i am having writers block or something. maybe it's because i have nothing new to tell you other than the same ole thing. yes i still get spanked and display my naked parts in public, but i have already told you about all of that stuff many times.

i guess i am looking for new things to write about here. i have no clue as to what that might be? i guess that is why i have not been doing it. Master even ask me if it was time for Him to delete my blog. i said no not yet. we both find it fun to look back on and see what we did last month or last year and remind us of all the fun we had together.

maybe some of you my readers will have some new ideas for us to try and write about;) i was reading another blog about their slave rules and thought i might list a few of mine for something new.

#1 keep pussy bald & smooth at all time unless told otherwise.

#2 be naked at all times when in private with or without Master.

#3 wear His collar at all times when Master is present, public or private.

#4 expose my body when and where & how told to do so.

#5 pleasure myself when told.

#6 keep nails painted at all times.

#7 wear His mark at all times 24/7 in my pierced hood.

#8 do 10 min worship time every morning with my butt plug in place.

#9 keep hair groomed as told, long/short His choice not mine.

#10 obey all His commands without fail to the best of my abilities.

there are a few more, but these are the top 10 that i must do without fail. i do them with great pride as i am His slave forever.

p.s. one rule is never wear panties, but i don't own any. Master owns them and controls them so i can only wear them when i am given some to wear:(
and now i hate wearing them. it is punishment for me now to wear them.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

4 days 3 nights

and no i am not talking about a Vegas vacation. as you know the week before i was given panties to wear for losing in the playoffs. Master had given me 5 pair and told me He thought a pair was missing from the last time i was given panties.

so i checked it out and yes i did fail to return a pair back to Him. well i forgot about the extra pair i had found and when my week was up of panties and no bra i was one happy girl. what i failed to do was wear the extra pair to work on Monday of this past week.

Master ask me if i was wearing my panties after i was at work and i looked at Him and said no my week was up. i wore all the ones i was given and returned them to you. He than reminded me of the extra pair i had found.

He said well maybe i should wear the same pair all week. i told Him no way i would have to wash them every night so they would be clean & dry for the next day. He than told me i could wash them when i shower and i said they would be too wet for me to wear to work.

He than gave me the order that i was wear them the rest of week and not to remove them past my ankles once i put them on Tuesday morning until Friday night. i was eat, sleep, shower, shave my pussy and do my worship time while wearing the same panties.

yes i was to pull them down to my knees to wash my ass and shave my cunt smooth as i do everyday. once i am out of the shower i do Master worship time by placing a small butt plug into my ass and bending over the arm of the sofa naked with my legs spread wide for 10 mins every morning. i was now to do this with panties on pulled down just to the bottom of my ass cheeks.

i never in my life wore clothing into a shower before this past week. it was very strange to stand in the shower with wet panties on my ass. i will tell you i was wearing barley there boyshort panties and they do dry fast with a hair dryer.

last night i was told to take off my panties and i did it with great joy. i went to hand them back to Master and He said you are not done wearing them slave. now put them over your head so you can smell yourself. i did as i was told as Master got out the camera and took my picture. about 15 mins later i was on my knees with His hardness in my wet mouth as He face f**ked me hard.

what a great way to end a long work week for us both. i now sit here naked enjoying my panty free life once again until the next time i am put in panty bondage.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

felt like a whore

all day Friday at work. when my boys lost the game last Sunday i lost my bra for a week. Master ask me before the game how i was feeling about the game and i said good.

He said ok here is the deal if they lose the game you lose your bra and must wear panties all week. if they win than you get to dress as normal bra without panties. i have been going without panties for so long that they bother me now when i have to wear them. as you know i do not own panties Master owns them and keeps them under lock and key.

i was to wear button down shirts all week as well. Mon, Tues & Wed were not to bad, but as the week wore on i had less shirts to choose from that were dark enough to hide my naked nipples. on top of that it was cold here this past week so i wanted long sleeves and cold makes my nipples hard as rocks.

Friday found me in a old shirt i had not worn in years. the problem was it was a little on the small side and i did not notice it when i put it on at home, but when i got to work and sat down the holes between the buttons where wide open right at my tits. i never felt more naked with clothes on than i did this day.

Master loved it and said show them off like the good whore you are slave. i did my best to keep it closed up i even stapled the hole at my tits shut. i told Master i had to as you could just look right at my naked tit from my left side it was so open. the damm panties were a pain in the ass this day too.

i don't care if i ever see another pair of panties on this girls ass. i love being without them now. when Master first took them away from it felt stange at time to be without them now it feels stranger to be in them.

and just so you know i was given three times the points for losing the playoff game. yes 51 nice hard ones with the nasty crop. when He was done with the spanking He grabbed me by my hair and forced my head up and down on His hardness. i sucked Him off just like a $2 whore would He said.

it makes me wet to just write about it. you would never guess i could be such a sex whore if you met me at the store or work, but i am and i love it. i am sure there are a lot more women out there like me, they just need someone to break open there shell like Master broke mine.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

cold as punishment

yes not all of my punishment is done with paddles & whips. last weekend we had some cold weather and heavy winds blowing that cold. Master had me dress in black thigh highs with black knee high boots a coat and collar and nothing else.

now this is not a bad looking outfit to wear out in public and no one knows i am naked under the coat, but Master & i. as long as i stay in a car or a store life naked under a coat is great. what makes it not so great is when Master said lets stop by the park and take a stroll. i begged Him not to stop, but you know how that goes.

we stopped and when we got out of the car He attached my leash to my collar and said unbutton the coat slave. i told Him i was very cold and might get sick if i opened it. He said i could open it and walk or He would take it off & walk me. well what would you have done in that spot?

yea i thought so, and that is just what this slave did, i opened it up. i had goose bumps all over my body and was froze. as i walked i tried to close up my coat around me, but Master was wise to what i was doing and told me to let blow in the breeze or take it off. well it looked good blowing like a flag in a wind storm.

there were some warm spots in the sun, but for the most part it was very hard cold nipples on this girl. Master did give me some hugs to warm me up now and then, but i wanted to be in a nice warm bed hugging on Him not naked in a damm cold park. anything below 70 and i am cold.
we spent about a hour there just walking & sitting along with picture taking. i was never so glad to get back into a car in my life. i still shake when i think of that day.