Tuesday, August 19, 2008

new toy

has arrived and it looks great. the handle has "made for slave kk's ass 08" imprinted on it. i can not wait to feel the sting of it. Master & Mistress are planing the day they both can have a swing at my naked ass with it.

Master wants to share the fun of it with Her. it has has been way to long since this slave has enjoyed the taste of a Her. i need both Her & the pain very bad.


Anonymous said...

wow what a nice picture...

and we hope to see the result of the new toy soon....:)

love, mike & eva

Tamar said...

You have beautiful legs
I'm so jealous.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures Mnas! you should take some pictures of you holding the new toy inside you!


Sheen V said...

Stockings, heels, and your beautiful legs and ass - please extend my thanks to Master and let him know the pictures are being put to good use.

kk said...

thanks to all for the nice comments. gald to see you enjoy what i am made to do for Master.

Master said stay tuned more to cum.