Saturday, August 09, 2008

new toy

coming in the mail. yes Master is adding a new toy to our toy bag. like He don't already have enough toys for my poor ass. He has been looking for a flogger and the other day He found one online and He bought it.

He is really looking forward to watching me dance in my bonds while He gives me a real good flogging. i am not sure who is more excited about it Him or i? it should make for a real fun day for us both. i can't wait to feel the sting and pain from its tails. i am sure it will make some very nice marks for pictures too.

i am really look forward to being tied spread wide and used as a target for His whips and canes. i know to a lot of folks that sounds just plain crazy and few years ago i would have said the same thing, but now i know the joys of pain & pleasure and i love it.

whip me hard Master please!


Anonymous said...

hi slave kk

guess you are both very excited about the new toy....

we look forward to your story and pictures....

love mike & eva xx

Sheen V said...

Thank you for the pictures!