Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more shopping

yes i know it's back to school time, but i was not looking for school supplies. i needed a oil change so i was sent off to the lube place in my short black skirt and very thin lite blue shirt with no undies at all of course.

once i gave the lube boys a good t & a show like a good slut it was off to the dollar store with Master. all of the items Master needed to look at were on the bottom shelf?
funny how that always happens when i shop with Him.

i found a nice plastic fly swatter and ask Master if He needed one for that fly on my ass cheek? i lifted up my skirt for Him as He tried to swat the fly a few times and He said no as it was to lite to kill ass flys.

next stop was at the x-rated dvd store where another button was to be opened on my blouse as we looked for s&m dvds. just the clerk and another man shopping were in the store at the time. and damm don't you know all of the good dvds were on the bottom shelf. we could not find the s&m ones at first, but when Master did find them He yelled out to me across the store.
slave i found the good s&m dvds you like over here.

they were right there in front of the check out & clerk and as we looked through them Master would ask me what do you think of this one slave? i would answer looks good to me Master. we ended up buying three of them that we liked. i handed them over to the clerk as Master told me we will go watch these and see if can learn something new to do to you.

then it was off to a new smoke and toke place Master found that was not very busy and had a lone male clerk. Master wanted to give him a show so i was to look at all the of the sex toys on the bottom shelf as Master would ask me how do you like the size of that rubber cock slave? will it fit inside you?

yes and i was wearing my white collar doing all of my shopping. i really am very proud of being His slave and wearing His collar for all to see.

and wait until you hear about and see me shopping for a new truck for Master.i just wore my collar sitting in the new trucks we found unlocked. will do more than sit next time.

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing! thank you for sharing with us and the store clerks