Tuesday, December 28, 2010

open 4 use

on a table lay a small sample of the items Master plans on using on His slut. as i entered the room naked from the hotel hallway i see them along with the many whips hanging on the dresser handle. yes i took off my skirt and blouse in hallway before i knocked on the door. standing naked in my collar and heels for anyone to see was the order for forgetting to wear my collar in the 1st time.

i was so happy to be with Master and know that this was a day of s&m for us that i spaced putting on my collar. i was sent back to the car to get it and told to be wearing nothing but it and heels when i knocked on the door. and it is not like i can cover up if someone from another room opens door as my clothes must be folded and laying on floor not in my hands.

once inside the door it is down to my knees face on floor arms out over my head and my ass held high with legs spread wide for slave inspection. i do this in front of where Master sits so He can put His feet up on my ass as He enjoys His morning coffee. as he drinks His coffee He will warm my ass with the crop and ask if i am enjoying who & what i am? the answer is always same yes Master i do.

when He is finishs drinking His coffee He will get up and stand over me and whip my ass hard with the crop as His legs squeeze against my hips to hold my ass in place. He then looks at my cunt hole for a wetness check. only on this day He does something new. He gets out a roll of duct tape from the bag and tapes one end to my cunt lip and pulls the tape across my ass cheek. He does the same to the other lip. then He does the same with my ass cheeks.

so here i am on my knees on the floor with my cunt and ass held spread wide open for His view and use. He puts His finger deep inside me and tell me what a cunt i am to Him. next He takes photos of what i look like spread wide open. i have never seen my cunt or ass so close up or so open as i have in these pics.

a flogger is then used to touch places it never has before. this is just what happen in the 1st hour of play. a lot more was done to this slave this day and this is just how it was started. i was used like a $2 whore on a saturday night and went home exuasted and well used. i loved it

yes the rectal speculum you see on the table was also used to look deeper inside His whore. i have nothing to hide now from this man He has seen it all inside and out. after all He does own this whore :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

yes i am a ho but that you already know! Master and i want to wish all you kinksters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Spanking New Year.

we hope all the Dom's got new whips & chains and all the subbies received red asses from their kinky santas.

love and peace to all,

Friday, December 03, 2010

one hour

or sixty minutes it is all the same amount of time. now that amount of time can go very fast or very slow depending on what you doing. i am sure you all have heard of the cocktail hour right?

well my Master has come up with what He calls the cock hour. what happens doing cock hour is i must have either my mouth or my hand on His cock at all times during that hour. if He is sitting or laying down my mouth must be on it. if He stands up to walk somewhere my hand must be on it.

at no time during the hour is His cock not to have one or the other on it. if He gets up to pee than i must hold it and aim it for Him as well. i must also shake it for Him as well when He is done peeing.

once He is finished peeing and sits back down i must put it back in my mouth and clean it for Him. i love having it in my mouth. i guess i am like a baby with a bottle only i have a cock to suckle on. i guess you could say this sixty minutes go very fast for me.

i just love it when He tells me we are going to have the cock hour now. yes you can call me one happy cocksucker ; )

oh yes and if i don't keep hold of it for some reason i am to be spanked hard. i have not let go of it yet, but i might one day just so i do get spanked hard : )

Saturday, October 23, 2010

i don't think about it

i just do it. the other day i was asked by another slave how i was kept? she said she was very strictly kept in many manners. now i am not sure just what she means by that because she has not answered me yet.

i got to thinking about her question and it came to me that i do things everyday that i never even think about doing and just do it for Master. it was in my slave contract i signed six years ago. now today it is just part of my everyday living and i do it without even knowing i am doing it.

some of what i do for Him i would never do with or for anyone else. when i say i am a owned slave i am owned in ways i never thought i would or could be by another person.

Master can just look at me in a certain way and make shake and shiver with pleasure. you know that feeling you get when you are cumming or just after? that is the same one i get. Master not only owns my body for His pleasure He owns my sexual mind as well.

many people will not understand what owned means until they are or ever are. i am and i am damm happy about it too. i gave myself to Master a long time ago and i have no regrets at all about it. i think being owned is way stronger bond than just being loved by someone.

here are a few things i do that i don't even think about and just do everyday since Master.

i worship Master naked on my knees every morning for 10 mins to start my day.
i shave my cunt smooth everyday for Him.
i wear His mark in my cunt 24/7/ 365 days a year.
i wear a slave O ring on my finger 24/7 /365 for all to see.
i wear His ownership chain locked on my ankle at all times except in the shower.
i am naked at all times when possible for Him with or without Him around.
i show my naked body to anyone i am told to in person or via picture.
i always keep my finger nails and toes painted in colors Master approves of.
i ride with a naked ass and spread wide open legs when riding with Master.
i always ask permission to sit down when out in public places for drinks or dinner.
i never wear panties as i am not allowed to own them.
i wear my collar into public places when with Master.
i show my tits or cunt off for Him when told in public.
i keep my hair cut just as Master wants it and with His permission.

yes i am sure there are more things i do to list, but you get the idea. i do these things everyday for Him without fail just as you might drink a cup of coffee in the mornings. it is all just normal for me now. i am His owned slave and will be until i am called to house above.

i think i will change the name of this blog to owned slavekk now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


another week of sex play that ends in 10. the week started off with my legs spread wide open for Master just as they always should be. sitting with one foot on the floor and the other foot up on His knees. i was told to spread my cunt lips wide open for Him and hold them open with both hands.

as i sat there all exposed for Him He took the tip of the cane and tickled it inside my wide open cunt. He even slid it in and out a few times. He said He loves a slut with a wide open cunt hole. i am a slut with no shame. He had me worked up into a sexual daze by doing this. He then put the cane down and started rubbing real lite up and down with His finger from my clit down to my opening. this sent the little man in the boat to rocking and than overboard if you know what i mean.

i was cumming like a porn star. i could not control myself from shaking with pleasure and wanted to scream, but could not even catch my breath to do so. this had to be one of the best orgasams i have ever had in my life and i have had a lot of them since Master came along. it was very intense and i was well spent after it was over.

this man just knows what to do with a pussy. the next day we stopped into our favorite place for drinks. well they hired a new young waitress that we had not seen in there before. Master said as we walked over to our favorite table that she just stared at me & my bright pink collar around my neck. when she came to the table with our drinks see just kept her eyes on me.

Master had me unbutton my blouse as He always does so i am exposed for Him. i always sit with one tit exposed for Him to see most of the time. when the waitress comes by she comes up from behind me and Master lets me know to cover it up. i cover up the exposed tit but do not button up and use my arms for cover. well as always Master had me in a daze when she brought out our third round. i finished up the last of my 2nd drink and handed her my empty glass without even thinking of my blouse.

i also cleaned up the wet napkins from the glasses and handed them to her. as i was doing all of this Master watched her eyes that were looking down into my very open shirt. when she left the table He said nice job of showing off for me tonight slave. that is when i remembered my blouse was unbuttoned and i turned red. He told me about the waitress watching as my blouse was wide open for her veiw.

i said oh well glad you enjoyed it i hope she did too. Master was sure she knew what my collar meant by the way she looked at it and me. i am sure by now everyone that works there knows what i am and what i do when i am there. it is not the 1st time i have shown my tits to the wait staff and it won't be the last. they are always happy to see us walk in.

we finished up the week with a 10 minute caning of my naked ass. if you remember back to the counting vs time posting i was up to three minutes last. after watching the movies Master showed me last week i wanted to take more pain for Him. He set the timer on His cell phone and started in on my naked upturned ass. the hits were not hard at first, but very steady. He never stopped as He moved up and down my ass cheeks. He mixed in hard ones at times just to watch me squirm.

it was a steady hitting with no breaks at all. i moved around some butt very little as i tried to be a good slave for Him this time. as the time was winding down i ask how much time was left? He would not tell me and hit me harder for my asking. when the bell rang He stopped and kissed both cheeks over and over. my ass was on fire and a red/purple color. He then stuck His finger deep inside my very wet cunt and said i see you really did enjoy it did't you slave. i said yes Master i did as i always do.

a red ass = a wet cunt.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the tree & me

Master has found yet another way to play with His puppy outdoors. i was told to have my little rubber dog bone with me at all times last weekend. so now i carry it in my purse with me. as you know Master likes to walk His puppy on the weekends and most times on her leash.

but this time the leash was left in the car. this time puppy would carry her little rubber dog bone around in her mouth just like a good puppy should. the bone was used for two purposes

1. to keep me from screaming out
2. something to bite down on for the pain.

Master brought the quirt whip and camera with Him on our walk. as we walked to the end of woods i was told what was going to happen. i was to pick out a nice tree then lift my short skirt up above my naked ass and place both hands on the tree as i bend over and spread my legs.

once in position i wait as He photos me standing here bone in mouth naked ass out waiting for the pain to come. He tells me not to scream out and not to move my position. well i did both once that whip started stinging my ass cheeks. He did not hold back as He had a lot of room to swing.

He said i needed more training. i told Him my ass was just tender as it had been a while since i felt the whip. once home He had me watch two videos online where the slaves were beat with a cane. so hard the ass turned black and blue with each swat. one was chained down the other was not. they took way more than i ever could i know that.

He said now slave see what could happen. i said i will do better now that i seen them do that. so we went back the next day and did it again. this time i held my position and used the bone to absorb the pain as He whipped away on my ass.

i knew i could do it i just needed my mind to be in the right place for it. i love pain, but sometimes i just get too excited about what is going to happen the first time. now i can't wait to get back to the whipping tree.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

marked again

as to what i am. yes it was just another morning getting ready for the office when i was told to mark myself so i would remember who and what i am. Master had been calling my cunt a whores hole lately so that is what i marked it as. i sent Him a picture of it then dressed and left for the office.

when i walked in He handed me a black marker and told me now go mark your tits with i am a whore. so it was off to the restroom down the hall where i removed my shirt and bra and did as told. i snaped another picture and sent it off for Him to see i did as told. just look at how hard my nipples are?

as the day passed i would often look down my blouse and look at what i was to remind myself. every time i went potty i would read my cunt. why am i a whore? because my legs are always spread wide open for Master's use. my mouth is always open for His use as well. my body is to be used for whatever pleases Him. if He tells me to pleasure another i will and i have for Him.

it is fun to be owned and used as one. and yes i was used that night as i sucked on His hardness. i love cock and that is why i am a whore. i felt very proud walking around with my body marked whore.

His whore.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

stress relief

it was finally friday after a crazy week at the work place. i was just waiting for five o'clock so i could just get the hell out of there and enjoy my time away from the zoo and recharge. i did not want to hear all of the football bs that was going on around me. Master got a little sideways with me earlier in the week about the football talk and i guess that set the tone for the whole week.

i know that Master loves me very much, but i love Him so damm much that it hurts when He is upset with me. i would rather be whipped 100 times hard with a cane then have Him upset at me. not that He yells or screams, He just don't talk or if He does is very short with His answers. He did say to me that we love with a lot of passion so we disagree with a lot of passion too. it was no biggie for Him just me.

well enough about that sore subject on to better things. in order to get to five o'clock you have to get past noon first. so it's lunch time now and time for Master & i to go get something to eat. i might have been down and out, but i know that when i ride with Master what i have to do. no matter what my mood may be i know that my ass better be naked on His seat.

i always ride with my pants down at my ankles and legs spead wide open for Him to enjoy. He loves to finger me as He drives. i guess i was needing some pussy attention this day because His touch sent me into O heaven. we even went to place that took longer to get to just so He could finger it longer. He put me in my happy place many times on the drive there.

we had the pick two a sandwich and salad. well this place is well known for bread so they gave us a hard bread roll with our lunchs. we had just finished our lunch and Master said do not forget to take His dessert. i was not sure what He meant. He wanted me to take a piece of the bread with me like we did the last time.

now you may be asking why would He want more bread after just eating a sandwich? well this bread is dipped and He loves it that way. i rolled up the whole roll and took it with me. now back in the truck on our way back with my pants down i break off a piece of the bread and put it in my pussy. Master then rubbed my cunt to make it more juicy. now i take my bun out of my oven and hand it to Him and now He eats it with my cum juices soaked into it.

He had two pieces of pussy bread this time on the way back. i was now so relaxed and enjoying the afternoon. it felt good to have my pussy worked over with His fingers. and oh yes after work He ate the crumbs out of it with His tounge. i just love what that man does with my cunt and what a great way to start my weekend. i never knew a person that enjoys a pussy as much as my Master does. and it is my pussy that He enjoys.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


the votes are in and it and all 10 are for getting more rings added to my cunt lips. some of you wanted Master to add four rings to it. Master response to that is He doesn't want a hardware store down there.

in fact as Master was eating away on my pussy last night He was not so sure He even wanted to add two more to it. He really enjoys eating my cunt but when i am sitting up on Him and He is eating it He always thinks about what would happen if the mark fell off in His mouth and choked Him.

He said it would be nice to know that His cunt is locked up and secure. He would enjoy seeing me at work knowing that i am wearing a padlock on my cunt that only He has the key to. and it would be great fun for Him to watch me remove my small dress at the tattoo shop and be totally naked in front of yet another strange man. last time i wore a skirt and top and just removed the skirt. not this time i am to be nude in collar.

as for the control part of it Master already has control of this pussy. He knows everything that goes into His cunt. He has no problem with me playing with it on my own and He has watched me play with every toy i own. as for another mans cock that only happens if i am told to by Master.

it has not happened yet, but there is a very good friend of Master's that lives out of state that can use me if he wishes too. he has seen many of my naked slave pictures and i have talked to him on the phone. Master told me when i do meet this man in person i will be naked in cuffs and collar with my cunt spread open for him. if this man wants my pussy for his pleasure i am to give to him.

even if he don't want my pussy i know i will service his cock with my mouth as Master photos it. Master has told him about my blowjobs and he wants some too. i can not wait to meet him as i know it will make Master proud to show off His property. Master owns this cunt and with or without the rings He will always control it. if it does happen you will see it here first so stay tuned. i think it will.

you want a lime with that? just some of the things that end up in my cunt.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Master is asking

should i have two more rings pierced into my cunt lips so He can put a lock on them or not? your vote cunts.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

He is the dom

yes He is the dominant one and i am the submissive one. i am sure when you read this you will be asking yourself is He really the dom or is kk the dom? the answer is yes Master rules. Master just enjoys hot sex play and my body.

yes He rubs my bare feet in public places for all to see and yes He sucks on my toes too. He enjoys a warm shower stream from my cunt as well. He enjoys me face sitting on Him with my cunt or ass it don't matter. just because he enjoys all these things does not make Him my submissive. He just enjoys me and my body as He says.

we are always charging each other up with hot sex talk between us. before our sex day vacation He told me He was going to eat a fresh cream pie. oh yes He has gone down on me many times in the past after we have had sex, but never right after shooting His wad inside me.

after my flogging and standing in the corner in of a closed closet with my hood and blindfold on i was taken out and told to suckle on Him. suckle is what Master calls it when i am told to put His cock in my warm wet mouth and keep it there. i am not suck on it or make it hard just keep in my mouth much like a baby would a pacifer. He said that is where a slave's mouth belongs at all times that way she don't talk much. this is how He likes to watch tv with me.

i suckled for about a hour when He told me to suck it and make it hard for Him to put into my cunt. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my head up and down as He became hard. He told me to hop on and ride His hardness with my cunt hole. i rode Him for a long while before He filled me with His hot juices.

when He finished He told me to now put that cum filled cunt on His face so he could taste both of our juices together. i climbed onto His face and as He licked me clean some of His cum ran out and down His cheek to the pillow below. He did not care He wanted His face to be covered in our cum for He is a sex whore too just like me.

call it what you want. i call it the true love of a man.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

on this day

four years ago i was laying on a table with a naked ass and my legs spread wide open in a tattoo shop so a strange young man could put a hole in my cunt for the Master's mark. oh what a great day that was and what a great idea Master had for marking His property. i just love the look and feel of it and i am very proud to show it off to anyone Master tells me to.

Happy Anniversary to the mark of the Master. thank you Master for marking this cunt as yours.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

almost exposed

Master and i took some vacation time around the 4th and it did nothing but rain. that did not bother us at all for we already had a all day sex day planned anyway. the rain poured outside as cum poured inside.

as i have said before we think of ourselves as two sex whores that found each other. and this sex day proved it once again. one of the very first things that we did was sit on Master's face and let Him eat my wet pussy. He wanted my wetness all over His face. He even rubbed His nose up inside my wet cunt. He loves to eat my pussy pie and He is great at it too.

He even had me turn around and sit my ass on His face as He licked around my hole. He licked that space between my cunt and my a-hole and i thought i would just die from the pleasure it gave me. i then went down on His hard cock with my mouth. we stayed in the 69 position for a long while just enjoying each others pp's.

i then turned around and sat down on His hardness as it slipped deep inside my wetness. i rode Him like a good horse. He shot a nice big wad inside of me that we just let drip back out onto the sheets as we both laid there spent. we kissed and He held me tight in His arms as we rested up for our next round.

the next round found me tied spread eagle as Master worked my cunt over with Mr C my rubber cock. don't ask me how many times i came this day i could not count them all. i can tell you we were both wore out at the end of the day and slept very sound that night.

as we spent the morning drinking coffee and mimosa's that turned into the need to pee for me. i ask Master permission to go to the potty and He said no, but you can pee on me in the tub. well we both enjoy a golden shower now and then. the part i really hate is the cleanup afterwards. i hate to be seen with wet hair and Master knows it.

Master laid down in the tub as i stood over Him with my legs spread wide as He held my pussy lips wide apart i let go with a hard stream of golden urine. it hit His belly and hard cock and it splashed all over Him. He was soaked from head to toe. i took a video of it as i did it and i peed for more than a half a minute on Him.

now it was my turn to lay down as He peed all over my nakedness. He can always aim His where He wants it to go, so my face and tits get the most of it. when He was done i stood up and we hugged, kissed and rubbed our bodies together as we enjoyed our golden wetness. as He turns on the real shower i stepped back as it is now time for me to wash my Master.

as i wash Him i try to keep my hair from getting wet. when i am done washing Him it is now my turn under the spray of water as He washes me. i do all i can to keep my hair dry, but Master wants it soaked as He knows i hate to be seen by Him this way. so He shoved me under the shower head and tells me to soak it down slave. i look like a drowned pussy cat when it is wet and my makeup washes off as well. He tells me He likes seeing the real cunt.

when i am done drying my hair Master has my Mr C stuck to a small end table and tells me to come over and ride on it for Him. as He watches me ride up and down on it with my cunt He also takes a video of it. you can hear the wetness of my cunt as it sounds like someone walking in shoe full of water. now as you know Master has well over two thousand pictures of me naked and/or in bondage. this day he takes 36 more along with 3 videos.

now i am also filmed tied and flogged in a closet. the reason i tell you all of this is that Master lost the camera memory card that has this whole day of sex play on it. He put the card in the same pocket as His keys and it fell out somewhere when He got His keys out, but He did not know He lost it. now we are thinking someone has found it that is going to post me in all my naked glory with my face showing all over the internet. being posted naked or in bondage is nothing new for me, but never with my face showing. i am just not that brave yet.

after three days of worry and being very mad at His self for losing are sex day pictures Master found the card laying on the floor of the garage. now He is one happy man to have His slaves naked ass pictures back in His control again.

did you ever lose your naked pictures for someone else to see and use? and what do you think a vanilla person would say about them when they saw them? i posted one from that day below.

next time i will tell you about Master's cream pie.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

sexual indentity

what is yours? i was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about gays in sports. something about a player coming out doing the world cup as gay. a caller called in and made the comment that everyone has their own sexual identity and should not be put down for what they enjoy.

he said no two people are the same and it is as indivdual as finger prints. so i thought i would ask you what do you think your sexual identity is? i think i know what mine is and that is i am just a slut. i love sex alone or with my Master. i love to have orgasams and i love to have cum in me or on me. i love to be submissive to my Master and do as i am told. i enjoy all the pain & pleasure that He gives me.

Master brought out my sexual identity that was hidden in me for a very long time. i enjoy being nude inside and outside now. i am very proud of my naked body now and not ashamed of it. i will show it off when i am told to without fail. being naked is being free to me and very relaxing too. it is the real me nothing is hidden when you are nude. i really enjoy all the pleasure i get from it.

i know that not all women enjoy what i do. yet i also know there are those that do. puppytails and fucktoy are two that have a sexual identity very close to mine, but yet different in some little ways. i love pain, but i know fucktoy loves it way more than i do. funny how we are almost the same yet different in what we like and enjoy.

if your are a regular reader of this blog tell me what you think my sexual identity is? and don't be shy expose your sexual indentity to us. tell us what makes you cum & cum & cum. Master and i think of ourselves two as sex whores that found each other.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

counting vs time

Master has came up with a new way to spank His naked ass slave. He is not sure why He did not think of it long before now. the other day i was doing my required morning worship of Master. i was naked as always on spread wide knees with my nipples and nose touching the wall and my hands joined together high above my head.

now i am to remain in my position for 10 mins once i am in the position. i text Master when i start and when i finish. most times i can see a clock and know when my time is up. in this position i can not see the clock and i did not set my timer. so when i text that i was done, Master let me know i was out of my position two mins early.

well that gave Him the idea to cane my ass for two minutes as my punishment that evening. now in the past i was always made to count and say thank you Master i deserved that may i have another after each swat. this gave me some time between swats butt not this time.

there was no time between swats as they came fast and steady all over my naked ass cheeks for a solid two minutes. Master was the time keeper not me being i failed at worship. i had no idea as to when this beating would stop and that really worked on my brain. when i count i know when the end is near most of the time as i know how many i will be getting. Master had a nice rhythm going using my ass as His own little drum. it would hurt bad then feel almost numb then hurt again.

there were some hard ones mixed in with the steady but firm ones. being the pain slut i am i really enjoyed the new way of spanking me and told Master so. my ass cheeks were very red all over when it was over. the very next day after my spanking i had brain gas (fart) and forgot to put on my collar for the evening.

when Master saw me He said i guess you really did enjoy your 2 min spanking because you just earned a three minute one slave! i ask why as He stared at my naked neck and then it hit me i did not put on my collar for Him. again i found my naked ass bent over for Mr Cane to pain.

i was hoping i could make it all three minutes without moving and i did. when Master was done He ask me how long do you think you could take a spanking like this slave? i answered maybe four minutes would be my best. He said too short slave I think ten minutes like your worship time would be good. i said i will need more training for that Master. He said no problem slave next one will be 5 minutes and you will be halfway to your new goal.

well i guess the upside is i don't have to worry about messing up the count no more. oh yes i almost forgot when He was done with my two minute spanking He used my mouth for His pleasure as He face fucked me hard. a man that knows how to treat this slut. i loved it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

needed pain

yeasterday i woke up needing to feel some pain. it has been a while since Master had spanked my ass. i guess i have been a good slave girl as of late. as i got into the shower i thought i am going to put clothespins on my nipples for my morning Master worship time.

i could not wait to get done in the shower so i could feel the burning pain in my nipples. once i was dried off i went and got out the clothespins and put one on each hard nipple. i just love the way it turns my pussy on to have pain in my nipples.

i dried my hair and brushed my teeth, did my makeup all while wearing the clothespins. as i looked in the mirror i thought i might as well mark myself as to what i am as well. so i got a black marker and wrote owned on the right tit and slave on the left one in big black letters.

i then took a picture of my marked and c-pinned tits and sent it to Master to see. i also told Him i was worshiping pain today. He replyed back to me to go get a filpflop and beat my own ass with it. i did only i put a ribbed dog bone up my cunt first.

now with clothespins biting into my tender nipples and a ribbed plastic dog bone deep up cunt hole i bent over the side of the bed and went to work on my naked ass with the filpflop. i beat each cheek as hard and as long as i could before my arm gave out on me. i then worked the dog bone in and out as i came from it all.

i took the bone out of my wet cunt and cleaned it off in my mouth. i licked it clean and put it away then i removed the clothespins from my nipples for another rush of pain. now with a sore ass and sore marked tits i dressed and left for work.

when Master saw me at work He just looked at my tits and smiled knowing that they had owned slave wrote accross them. He also told me He will be spanking my ass later with my hairbrush being i want to worship pain this day. at days end my ass was naked again and held high in the air and spanked hard with a plastic hairbrush 25 times. ouch!

what a great start and end to my work day with a red hot ass at each end of it. Master ask me why i was needing pain so much these days and i told Him because of a good Master turned me into a real pain slut. i crave pain now. who would have ever thought that? not me six years ago.

Friday, May 21, 2010

i never dreamed

this blog would have over a half a million hits on it. i was just your plain everyday June Clever woman in 2004 when i met the Master. He has changed everything about my life since then. i now know what real love and a real orgasm doing sex really are. i have cum more times in the last six years then i ever did in my first fifty.

if you are a woman and you are reading this and you never had a real orgasm doing sex with your man than you are having sex with the wrong man. i know most of my readers (male) want to read about how my Master made me strip in public or whipped my ass, but girls you have got to have a big O with your man deep inside of you. Master knows my cunt like a good book.

now back to the blog. it just started out (July 2005) as something just to play around with and record my new adventures with Master. i did not even think either one would last this long. it was all just a dream cuming true for me. this blog was just a fun way to stay up with all things we did together.

sometimes it is hard to post new stories as they all seem to have the same plot. me tied up, whipped or exposed in public. that is why you do not see me posting every day or week. my loyal readers have seen every body part of me posted naked. the only one that has not been posted is my face. when i no longer need a job you to will see that someday. i hope i don't scare you that day.

i love all of my fans and you know who you all are. i just want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all for taking time out of your life to look in on me and my kinky ways. i know this is not a good way of life for everyone, but it is for me and i enjoy it very much.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

show it

what a great week this was showing off for my Master. the weather was warm and sunny and this slave was naked and loving it. it started last Sunday in the park when Master & i were walking. it was a beautiful day in the warm sun with a lite breeze blowing.

we were in the back of the park about 150 yards from the parking lot and as we started back to the car Master said take off your dress slave and give it to me. He has done this before as He likes to take pictures of me. He then hands me back my dress when He is done. this time he just started walking back to the car with my dress in His hand.

i had no choice but to follow Him in the nude. there was no one in the park, but as you walk toward the parking lot you can be seen more from the street that goes past the park. it felt good to have the warm sun and breeze on my naked skin as i walked & very close to Master. at the same time i was nervous that someone would pull into the parking lot. i made it all the way to the car as cars zoomed past on the street. i was then bent over the hood and given three nice hard swats with the lexan cane to add some color to my ass. i spent the rest of day nude at home inside as well as outside in the backyard.

i also had my vet appointment this week to have my bald kitty checked out. as always Master told me to be BPP (bald pussy proud). i was also slave proud as well. i laid there spread wide open showing my Master's mark along with my ankle chain on for the vet and nurse to see. i am very proud of His mark and enjoy showing it now. i remember when i hated going to the vet now i almost enjoy it. i guess being made to spread wide for Master has changed how i think about it now.

Thursday we stopped in for drinks at our favorite watering hole with me wearing the big purple collar. Friday at lunch i wore the collar that has slave spelled out on it into Luby's restaurant. and Friday also marked SIX years to the very day that i first kissed Master and this all started. i am so very happy to serve Him as our love is very strong for each other.

thank you Master for all you have done for me and to me. i LOVE U Master!

at the park see my stripes?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

slave wear

a new shirt for me from Master. He asked me a while back if i was proud to be His owned slave? i said very much so Master. He ask if i would wear a sign saying i was owned in public places? i said as long as you are by my side i will wear anything you want me to.

about a week later i am sitting in my car after work and He tells to take off my shirt and hand it to Him. now this is no big deal as he loves to see and play with my tits so i take it off and hand it to Him. He takes my shirt and puts it in His truck and i am thinking i will be driving home topless for all to see. He throws a package in my window and said this is yours.

i open it and find a very thin pink tank top with owned slave with cuffs on it. i laugh as He never fails to amaze me with the things He comes up with. after i put on the shirt i am told to be careful driving home because you are not getting your blouse back. not only did i wear the shirt i also wore my collar as well.

He wants me to wear it to the groomer next time i have my hair done. i am now thinking of what all those women will think when they see me in it there. yes i have worn it in public once just at the park. no one really seemed to notice it much.

i really am owned by this man He can do anything to my body He wants to. i have never been so open and exposed to anyone the way i am with Him. He knows what is in my head as well as my three holes. He has explored my mind & naked body many times.

He does not need to tie my legs open for i will always keep them spread wide open for Him. maybe the shirt should read owned cunt. yes i am very proud to be His owned slave and always will be. see how hard my nipples are wearing it?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

yes i am a

and proud of it!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

up & down

this past week was a up & down kind of week for me. i think i was down more than up, but last night i was sky high. work has just been nuts as of late. that is a good thing for all, but it does wear on you.

i did not sleep well Thursday night and was wore out on Friday. i was glad to see the day come to a end and sit down and have a drink with Master to end my day. Master knew i was in need of His special touch this night.

He bought out the new cane and said let's see how your ass likes this slave. so i get up on my knees to roll over into position for Him and that puts my tits right at mouth level for Him where He is sitting.

He always likes to suck and bite on my nipples because He knows what that does to my cunt. it turns it on like a light switch. He started sucking and licking on my nipple as His hand found it's way down my naked body to my very wet pussy. He rubbed on my clit as His tounge licked on my nipples.

He then started finger fucking me deep inside my cunt as He bit down hard on my nipple. this sent me into space. i shook and shivered as i came and came some more. OH how that man knows what to do with my naked body.

after all this pleasure it was time for my pain. i rolled on over and held my ass up high for Him and His cane. He told me to relax like i was getting a massage. He hates it when i tense up my ass cheeks as i wait for the cane. i did as i was told and relaxed waiting for that first swat to land knowing it would sting and hurt.

it landed and the pain of the sting went straight to my brain. it gave me chills on the back of my neck. after 10 nice hard ones my ass was well marked and burning like fire. i rolled back over into His waiting arms as we kissed hard and deep as He held me tight.

sorry no pictures of my ass because the camera was not thought of in this moment. as i laided in His arms i felt on top of the world and very happy. there is just something about Him and His pain that does that to me.

i was on a sub high all night long. i even went and got the new butterfly clamps and put them on my nipples myself just because i needed to feel more pain. i even pulled on the chain myself to make them bite harder into my nipples. i fingered myself as i did this and came once more.

Master said i am a real pain slut and whore to being doing this on my very own and without being told to. i said yes Master i am your pain slut and whore because you trained me that way and i LOVE it!

i guess i am just wired to be a pain slut. how great is that?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

njoy plug

in my naked ass and YES i love it! my spanking is to cum later.

just a another thing for Master's leash to attach too.

thank you all

i want to thank all 121 people that voted in my punishment poll. i am very happy to report that after one week of polling i will receive a hard spanking. i am very happy that is what my readers voted for the most. below are the poll results Master saw this morning.

a hard spanking 37%
walk length of mall in very short skirt w/ big purple collar on 29%
have to run naked in public park 25%
no beer time for slave 9%
Total Votes: 121

your vote will also be counted on my naked ass. yes that's right i will take a swat for each one of your votes all 121. it was one way Master had to keep me from voting for what i wanted. He told me from the start not to vote or i would be sorry later. now i know what He meant.

Master did some toy shopping this past week. He bought a very beautiful njoy medium plug and acrylic cane for my ass along with butterfly clamps for my nips. He is thinking He will use them all at the same time at my punishment. i told Him i didn't think i could take a hard spanking if He used the new cane. He said well lets just see what you can take with it to start off with then we will use the paddle for the balance.

i am so not looking forward to this spanking now. with a plug in my ass, clamps biting my nipples and a acrylic cane stinging my ass cheeks i am not sure i will njoy this.

the poll has been closed & removed by Master.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


with my punishment and answer my new poll at the right. i beg you all to vote for the correct punishment for me.

Master called me when i was out shopping and ask if i was wearing my chains for Him? i was asked twice and said yes both times to Him.

He then walked up to me in the store and saw that i was not wearing my chains. how stupid of me one to lie to Him and two not wear my chains as required when i am out.

i am just a dumb cunt and i know it.

p.s. one reason i said yes Master is because i am trained not to say the word NO to Him. i did that once when i had one to many and was out of control. i was beat hard a week later for saying no and acting like a drunk fool in front of others with Him. the word NO is not allowed in my vocabulary.

Friday, March 12, 2010

a day at the office

was spent with the word slave wrote accross my tits in black marker. i was so very proud this past Tuesday doing this for my Master. every time someone walked up and talked to me i would think to myself what would they say or think if they knew slave was wrote accross my tits.

it reminded me all day long of who and what i was. i was a slave, His slave. every time i saw Master His eyes would look at my tits and He would smile at me. i felt very proud and very close to Him on this day.

after work we stopped at our favorite restaurant to have some drinks. i was to show Master my well marked tits as we sat there drinking. with my purple collar around my neck and my blouse wide open at the top with 4 buttons unbuttoned i am sure the waiter saw my marked slave tits at one point during the evening.

Master could not wait to suck on my rock hard nipples and He did so right outside in the parking lot. He loved my marked tits and said next time the right one will say owned and the left will say slave for that is what i am.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mr.Paddle & mrs. ass

met again and again this past week. after my last posting here about feelings was read by Master we talked about it more. i told Master i think i needed to feel the pain of the paddle more than i do.

He ask me if i was begging for more pain? i said yes i am. He said well don't think you should be on your knees with your tits showing if you are begging slave. i said yes and i will do that as soon as we stop. He pulled His truck into a strip center parking lot that had a few stores in it and parked.

He said then do it here slave as i sat there looking around at all the cars around us. i said ok i will Master. i opened up my blouse and opened the door as i got out and down on my knees. He came around to my side with the camera in hand. i looked up at Him standing over me and begged for more spankings as He took pics of me doing it.

He said ok slave if that is what you really want and need you will get it. i said yes Master it is what i need and i crave it. He told me to get up and bend over the seat and pull up your skirt we will start now. i did as told as He reached in for the leather paddle that He always carries in the truck.

He looked around for people and cars and then pulled up my short skirt and let me have two of the hardest ones ever on my naked ass. my ears were ringing when i stood back up. He said i hope you enjoyed that slave as there are more to come. i said yes i did as i thanked & kissed Him for them. in the pic you can see the point of the paddle on my cheek after just two swats.

everyday this past week i received 10 to 15 nice hard ones on my naked ass with Mr paddle. and let me tell you i have been a very happy girl all week long. thank you Master for all you do for me :) and kisses to Mr. Paddle.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

a woman with feelings

is what i am and will alway be. and sometimes i let them get hurt and i pout about it. 98% of the time it is of my own doing. i think to much and have crazy ideas about things when it comes to my Master.

i think it is because i love Him so much that i get jealous of the things He does or is doing without me. i am always thinking i am not worthy of having Him as my own. now mind you this is my thinking not His. He is always telling me to turn off those spinning wheels in my head. i know in my heart that He loves me, but sometimes my brain does not want to hear it.

well it happened to me early this past week when i thought that Master was not happy to see me when i walked into His office to ask Him something. so i stayed in my office and let my little wheels start turning and spin out of control. and then i see Master walking around with one of the female bosses laughing and being happy with her.

i am now mad & jealous of seeing Him with her. i can't help it i am a woman with feelings for Him. Master has no clue as to why He is getting the cold shoulder from me, but He does know how to warm up that shoulder by applying heat to my ass. yes Master can not stand it when i pout like a child. it makes Him mad when i do it and then i am sad for making Him mad afterwards. i guess it is just how my female brain works.

Master has joked about this ladies big tits before and what He would like to do with them or how i would look good on my knees licking her cunt as she spanks my naked ass. so now i am thinking He wants her and not me. i know that is not going to happen, but my wheels are spinning way too fast for me to control them now.

when Master sees me later after the day is over He has a leather paddle in His hand. now i am in no mood for a spanking because i want to be a sad puppy and pout. well Master will have no pouting from His slave. He said get into position NOW slave! well i wanted to discuss this and was not moving into position.

the more i talked the louder He said NOW slave. my ass was already naked as it always is for Him even if i am mad at Him. He tapped my thigh with the paddle and said NOW slave! that is all He would say. i cried as i turned over to present my naked ass to Him. my shirt was still on and i did not even attempt to remove it for my spanking.

after a nice fast & not expected swat on my ass as i was turning around He said TAKE OFF THE SHIRT slave NOW! i am always spanked naked wearing only my collar that is the rules. off came my shirt as my blood boiled. i did not want this and He knew it. He spanked away as i cried into my shirt. they were hard and they hurt.

after 20 He was done and i was told to get up now we will talk about today slave. i told Him all the things that went wrong for me this day and my thoughts. and as always He held me tight kissed away my tears and said have no fears i still love you. now I did feel like shit for He did still love me and i made Him mad. see how my brain works.

i was wiped out now after all of this and all i want to do was go to bed and start over. i did and the next day i was a happy slave once again. a good spanking always cheers me up and Master knows it. that is why He always gives them to me. i love you Master.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

my collars

and yes i have worn each and every one them in public with my name tags attached. everyone of them has now been worn into our favorite restaurant as well. as you can see my new purple one is much larger than the others. you would really be surpised how many people don't even notice it when i am wearing it. i am collared slave proud!

slave week

i don't know about you other subbies & slaves out there, but do you have times when you just feel more submissive than normal? this past week found me feeling that way.

on monday when i got up i was just not into it. woke up cranky i guess. as i kneeled naked in the corner for my Master worship time i placed clothes pins on my hard nipples. the pain felt good as did being on my knees for Him. still i was in that funk of not enjoying myself or my day.

when Master found out that i was cranky and had used my clothes pins He knew just what i needed. a nice hard spanking to lift up my spirits. i was told to be naked and in position ready for Him after work. when He arrived He found me with my naked ass in the air for Him.

He used the leather paddle and went to work on my ass. as He spanked me i was to count it and say "i enjoy this pain Sir for i am just a slave" after each one. i did this 40 times as this is how many i got for my boys win. now most times i jump around as He does this. not this night i just let Him have my ass without moving it.

Master told me i will feel better tomorrow being He got my feel good bubbles moving again. i did not think i would as i was still in my funk when i went to bed. well tuesday found me in much better spirits so i guess He was right as always.

we stopped in after work for drinks at our favorite spot as it had been a while since our last time there. they were happy to see us again as always. and yes i did wear my big new purple collar in there for all to see. we had a great time just relaxing and me showing my slave self off for Master.

on wednesday i used the clothes pins again doing my worship. so i was asked if i needed another spanking? i said yes i would love one Master. so again my ass was ready for Him. i did the same saying as last time after i ask Him what do i say last time? this spanking was 50 nice hard ones and again i did not move just enjoyed it.

i made a boo boo not long after my spanking was over and i was told that will get me another one on thursday. once again i am laying naked in collar with my ass in the air waiting for my punishment. this time i had to say "i am just a dumb cunt for i can not remember what to say when my ass is getting spanked Sir" yes after saying it 90 times before i had to ask Him again. and it took me 4 swats that did not count to say this one right.

i only got 25 this time as my saying was so long and He was so much harder with them. Master was very impressed with the way i took all of my spankings this past week. He told me i must really be enjoying being His pain slut and slave now. i said yes i think i am. i really do enjoy being His slave and i crave the pain i get from His spankings. sometimes you just need the pain of a good spanking to feel better.

and friday we ended the week making sweet love to each other for i am His cum slut as well.