Saturday, March 27, 2010

up & down

this past week was a up & down kind of week for me. i think i was down more than up, but last night i was sky high. work has just been nuts as of late. that is a good thing for all, but it does wear on you.

i did not sleep well Thursday night and was wore out on Friday. i was glad to see the day come to a end and sit down and have a drink with Master to end my day. Master knew i was in need of His special touch this night.

He bought out the new cane and said let's see how your ass likes this slave. so i get up on my knees to roll over into position for Him and that puts my tits right at mouth level for Him where He is sitting.

He always likes to suck and bite on my nipples because He knows what that does to my cunt. it turns it on like a light switch. He started sucking and licking on my nipple as His hand found it's way down my naked body to my very wet pussy. He rubbed on my clit as His tounge licked on my nipples.

He then started finger fucking me deep inside my cunt as He bit down hard on my nipple. this sent me into space. i shook and shivered as i came and came some more. OH how that man knows what to do with my naked body.

after all this pleasure it was time for my pain. i rolled on over and held my ass up high for Him and His cane. He told me to relax like i was getting a massage. He hates it when i tense up my ass cheeks as i wait for the cane. i did as i was told and relaxed waiting for that first swat to land knowing it would sting and hurt.

it landed and the pain of the sting went straight to my brain. it gave me chills on the back of my neck. after 10 nice hard ones my ass was well marked and burning like fire. i rolled back over into His waiting arms as we kissed hard and deep as He held me tight.

sorry no pictures of my ass because the camera was not thought of in this moment. as i laided in His arms i felt on top of the world and very happy. there is just something about Him and His pain that does that to me.

i was on a sub high all night long. i even went and got the new butterfly clamps and put them on my nipples myself just because i needed to feel more pain. i even pulled on the chain myself to make them bite harder into my nipples. i fingered myself as i did this and came once more.

Master said i am a real pain slut and whore to being doing this on my very own and without being told to. i said yes Master i am your pain slut and whore because you trained me that way and i LOVE it!

i guess i am just wired to be a pain slut. how great is that?


sixofthebest said...

I hope your master gives you six of the best of the cane, whenever he feels you need such corporal punishment. I hope he gives it to you hard on that bare bottom of yours. And that you are wearing garter-belt and stockings, so that you look ravishing erotic to him wehn you receive this caning.

jaynes submissive said...


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Please let me know, thank you:)