Sunday, March 14, 2010


with my punishment and answer my new poll at the right. i beg you all to vote for the correct punishment for me.

Master called me when i was out shopping and ask if i was wearing my chains for Him? i was asked twice and said yes both times to Him.

He then walked up to me in the store and saw that i was not wearing my chains. how stupid of me one to lie to Him and two not wear my chains as required when i am out.

i am just a dumb cunt and i know it.

p.s. one reason i said yes Master is because i am trained not to say the word NO to Him. i did that once when i had one to many and was out of control. i was beat hard a week later for saying no and acting like a drunk fool in front of others with Him. the word NO is not allowed in my vocabulary.


Florida Dom said...

When will he impose the punishment?

I can imagine you won't lie to him again.


kk said...

not sure when it will happen FD. i guess after a week or two of poll results.

and may i ask what was your vote Sir? i hope spanking :)

Florida Dom said...

KK: Like the majority of your readers, I figured spanking was too easy on you because you probably enjoy being spanked, especially since you were virtually begging more pain a couple of posts back.

Sounds like he should giving you more maintenance spankings. Does he give you them very often?

Anyway, I voted for running naked in the park. I figured that would be more humiliating for you.

And your tits looked lovely with slave written on them. I can imagine he loved sucking on them. Has he written owned slave on them yet?


kk said...
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kk said...

yes FL DOM my tits have been marked owned slave for a day at work. i loved it and the pics are posted on fl. fyi