Sunday, April 13, 2008

not all punishment

comes in the form of a spanking for me. this past week for worship time i was told to sit in front of the mirror naked with legs spread wide and masturbate using my dog bone. i was to watch as the bone slid in and out for the full 10 mins. well for some reason when i woke up and sat in front of the mirror i forgot all about the bone and used my fingers instead.

well Master found out this puppy did not use her bone as she was told. so now i get to hand write in the punishment book 108 times (twice my age) the following sentence: "this slave will masturbate with her dog bone when she is told without fail"

He said being my fingers had pleasure they can now have the pain. so i will be having some writers cramp as my punishment. so you see it is not always the pain i enjoy so much.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

a hairbrush

a hairbrush. do you know what fun a hairbrush can bring? well it can bring a lot of pleaasure to a person as it did this past week to me. oh yes my ass has been warmed very many times with the back side of the hairbrush. so i do know the pain and pleasure that can bring.

Master did more than just spank my naked ass hard with my hairbrush. He gave me some of the best pleasure i have ever had with it. i was spanked for a total of 45 times this past week. He would have stopped at 40, but i move from my position of laying down with my legs spread wide and that added 5 more to my ass for moving.

all 45 were done at one time. i was than told to roll over and put my hands behind my head. He than turned the brush over and ran the hard bristles accross my hard naked nipples and down my side over my bald cunt. i can not tell you the pain i felt inside me. it was if my skin was being ripped away from my body & it burned like a fire inside me, but i loved it and wanted more. He gave me more too as He brushed my naked body like hair.

all of that happen on Wednesday night. on Thursday night i was to have my nipples brushed again for a minor misdeed that day. as i lay naked with my hands behind my head Master started brushing on my hard nipples. He loves to watch me take my pain as He gives it knowing i will not move or scream out to Him to stop.

He did not brush them hard this night just enought to get me wet. He moved the brush down my body and worked over my cunt with it. He than took the ribbed handle of the brush and started to work it inside my wet cunt as i lay spread wide open for Him.

as He worked the handle deep inside my cunt He sucked and bit down hard on my hard nipples. i was gone into sexual pleasure and i wanted it harder and deeper inside me like i have never wanted anything else. i came so many times i lost count.

He fucked my cunt like never before with that brush as i screamed out in pleasure. He than went down on me with His tounge as He banged away at my cunt with the brush. i was just a sex whore wanting that brush deeper and harder inside me.

WOW! what a slut/cunt i have become with this man. my Master.