Saturday, September 29, 2007


to all that left comments about my pussy tattoo. i think Anonymous said it best with this comment...

"I regret things I did." "I regret things I didn't do." You'll say one of those two sentences in the nursing home. Choose wisely.

Master and i have talked about doing this for a while now. i want it now more than ever before. we have decided to leave the kk off and just have slave wrote in a red arch with the (s) having a whip tail coming from it that will end at the very top of my clit.

Master had me write down 12 reasons for wanting it and here they are:

1) the marks of my Master that i am wearing today give me much joy n pleasure.
2) i love the idea of wearing another and yet more permanent mark than the others i already have.
3) i would be very honored and proud to have "slave" tattoo'd over the top of your cunt's hood ring.
4) they would look very good together marking your cunt.
5) it would make me very happy to show other Masters/slaves what i really am.
6) i want the world to know that u own me.
7) the tattoo would be a permanent mark that i am a slave here to serve n obey all your wants n needs Master.
8) i already know that but when i am looking at my other marks everyday i feel so very happy inside.
9) i know that the tattoo will give me even more joy if it just gives me half of what my hood ring does.
10) i am very lucky that u have chosen me to be your slave and to be labeled as such.
11) i would love to show it to the world.
12. with the tattoo i will be truly giving all of my trust n devotion to u Master. u know that i have always trusted my life with you and the tattoo--is a sign of how deeply i care n devote all of myself to you.

Master is still not sure when we will have it done but He said it will be soon. that will be a picture taking day i know that for sure. and when it is done i will be wearing nothing but my hood ring and my collar.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

just in

from the backyard after f**king my naked self with my glass dildo. Master is away tonight, He called me at work and told me to go home get naked, insert my butt plug, put on my collar, turn on a porno & get on my knees in the living room and call Him.

i did as i was told, but i did make one mistake that will get me 35 points with the crop. i stuck my glass dildo in my cunt before i was told to do so. when i called i already had it in my wet cunt. just hearing His voice made me almost cum right there.

He was talking sex talk from the moment i answered my phone. once He found out i did not wait or ask to insert my dildo He told me to go out into the backyard. i hate to go out there in the dark because i hate snakes and always think there might be some out there. He did not care and had me walk to the back fence than back to the middle of the yard.

once i was in the middle of the yard He told me to stop and get down on my knees. the grass was wet as it just rained. once on my knees in the wetness He told me to pound my cunt with that dildo. as i did this He told me He wanted to hear me cum for Him.

with all of the sex talk before and porno movie playing it did not take long before i melted into a sexual bliss right there where all could watch this cunt cum and cum and cum. it was hard to stand back up top walk back to the house. if it was not for my cell phone and dildo in my hand He would have made me crawl.

damm i just love what He does to me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

pussy tattoo

Master has been talking about marking me as slavekk. this way i will always know who and what i am. i already wear His mark in my hood, but He wants something that is permanent for life.

the other day He used a marker just to see how it might look . it will not be done the way you see in the pic. more like a signature with a arch over the top of my clit. maybe in red ink with a whip tail ending on the top of the last k.

it would not be very big in height, maybe 3/16" or so. i just love the idea of wearing a another mark of my slavehood, but not sure we want something that can not be changed in 5 or 10 years.

just think of me in the nursing home at the age of 80 or 90 with a slavekk tattoo on my pussy and some pretty young 20 year old girl that has to wash it because i can't. how cute would that be then? and what about going for a pap smear? how fun that will be!

let us know your thoughts on this and if you think it should be done or not. your vote DOES count for this cunt!

help save a pussy.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

running with the dogs

yes i know my name is kinky kitten but i am His slut puppy too. Master & i stopped by the park the other day as He likes to walk me there and have me go wee wee for Him.

i always wear my collar when we are together no matter where we go. as we were walking a man came jogging past us with his dog on a leash. Master said look he is running his puppy maybe i should have you run for me puppy.

we walk back to the car and He gets out my leash and attaches it to my collar. He said lets go puppy and started jogging with me behind Him on a leash. we jogged for a little ways and than He stopped and ask if i needed to wee wee. i said maybe a little, He told me do it now like a good puppy. as He held my leash i spread my legs and let my pee flow to the ground like the good puppy i am.

i shook my tail to dry off the drops and off we went again. nothing like running with a wet cunt dripping on your legs. He slowed down to a walk and than told me to bark like a good puppy. i did and He said keep barking as we walked. so i barked most of the way back to the car. i am not sure if anyone heard me barking but i am sure someone had to see this puppy on her leash being run like dog.

it is a small park and empty most days but it does have a lot of traffic going by and a apartment complex near by. being i was such a good puppy He said i could be allowed to play with His bone.

Monday, September 03, 2007

cum stained dress

remember those three words in the history books?

yes i am just a cum slut. this was done yesterday in a parking lot while out and about.

i always swallow it, but Master wanted to see me wear it, so He pulled out. how sweet of Him to let me wear it in public to showoff the real cum slut in me.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

a wild week

for this sex slave. it all started last Sat when i went to watch my boys play football. yes i got to go watch them lose, but hey it's just preseason right? you would have thought the texans had won the superbowl that night.

that same night i handed over photos of my bald pierced cunt to a good male friend of mine. he knew i shaved it but did not know it was pierced. when he found that out he wanted me to prove it with a picture.

he been after me for a while so Master picked out some nice hot ones to give to him.i am sure he has enjoyed them many times by now. it is nice to know your pictures will bring so much happiness to a man in there private moments.

on tuesday my ass was beat red & hard with the paddle for my game point punishment in the office parking lot after work. i was so turned on by my spanking i drove home wearing just my collar. yes and it was still day light out. driving naked is such a rush and turn on for me. people for the most part never pay attention to car next to them and if they do see me all the better.

wenesday morning i was to stand in from of the mirror naked with butt plug in, legs spread wide and hands on top of my head for ten mins.this is done so i can stare at my naked body so i love and enjoy it more. doing my 10 mins i moved my hand from my head to pick up my cell phone that was ringing . it was Master calling and He wanted to know why i answered during my mirror time. that cost me 20 more hard ones with the wood paddle on wednesday night.

on thursday morning i was told to finger my pussy on the drive in to work. my pants where to be down to where my naked ass was on the car seat. i had a great drive in and very much needed "O" at a red light with cars all around me. Master also had me masturbate at my desk that afternoon as he watched and talked dirty to me.

friday morning i ran around the office with my butt plug up my ass. Master also gave me a thong to wear to help hold it in place. i would have died if it would have fell out on the floor. how wild & crazy it was to be walking and talking with others knowing what i had a butt plug in my ass.
what a wild sexual week it was for us. it has been a while since we have done so much in the same week. we both feel closer to each other and i feel more owned by Him. and i forgot to tell you about the many blow jobs i gave Him. i just love to have His hard cock in my mouth with a milkshake at the end. i am such a cum slut now and i enjoy it.