Saturday, September 29, 2007


to all that left comments about my pussy tattoo. i think Anonymous said it best with this comment...

"I regret things I did." "I regret things I didn't do." You'll say one of those two sentences in the nursing home. Choose wisely.

Master and i have talked about doing this for a while now. i want it now more than ever before. we have decided to leave the kk off and just have slave wrote in a red arch with the (s) having a whip tail coming from it that will end at the very top of my clit.

Master had me write down 12 reasons for wanting it and here they are:

1) the marks of my Master that i am wearing today give me much joy n pleasure.
2) i love the idea of wearing another and yet more permanent mark than the others i already have.
3) i would be very honored and proud to have "slave" tattoo'd over the top of your cunt's hood ring.
4) they would look very good together marking your cunt.
5) it would make me very happy to show other Masters/slaves what i really am.
6) i want the world to know that u own me.
7) the tattoo would be a permanent mark that i am a slave here to serve n obey all your wants n needs Master.
8) i already know that but when i am looking at my other marks everyday i feel so very happy inside.
9) i know that the tattoo will give me even more joy if it just gives me half of what my hood ring does.
10) i am very lucky that u have chosen me to be your slave and to be labeled as such.
11) i would love to show it to the world.
12. with the tattoo i will be truly giving all of my trust n devotion to u Master. u know that i have always trusted my life with you and the tattoo--is a sign of how deeply i care n devote all of myself to you.

Master is still not sure when we will have it done but He said it will be soon. that will be a picture taking day i know that for sure. and when it is done i will be wearing nothing but my hood ring and my collar.


Pixiepie said...

it will be beautiful! how brave you are!!

His pet said...

i can't wait to see it! i know it will make you so happy.