Monday, December 26, 2011

show dog

yes that is just what i am for my Owner a show puppy. it started with me on my hands and knees crawling naked on the floor to the bed. i was told to get up on the bed on all fours with my legs spead wide like a good puppy. once on the bed and in position Master started taking many pictures of me.

as He walked all around me He snapped pictures of me. He said i looked just like the winning dog at a dog show. i was told to hold my head up high and wiggle my puppy ass for Him as He snapped away. He then put my hood over my head so He could post His show puppy's pictures.

next Master was standing behind me with lube on His middle finger and rubbing it on my a-hole. then i feel it pushing it's way deep inside me. as He finger fk'd my hole He ask where is my finger slave and twice i said inside my ass Master. He ask me again a third time and that is when i finally snapped and gave Him the correct answer. i said to Him it is in YOUR ass Master.

He said yes slave that is correct it is in My ass, now how does that make you feel as I rub my finger in and out and all around inside there? i told Him i felt very owned and used like a whore would. i know it was a good 10 to 15 mins of Him rubbing around inside my hole as He talked about it with me.

He removed His finger and replaced it with my steel njoy butt plug. once the plug was in place His leash was attached to the handle of the plug. with more pictures being taken. i was then pulled off the bed by my leash to the floor where i was to crawl around like a good puppy on her leash following her owner.

Master took over 90+ pics and 10 movies of His puppy this day and everyone of them have been seen by our close friends. Master said He likes to show off His show dog to others. and i take great pride in being His owned puppy dog. arf arf

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Season Beatings

and greetings to one and all. Master and i hope all of your BDSM dreams cum true this hoilday season. i know i do not write here as much as i should to keep you all posted of my slavehood to Master, but i do want you to know i do enjoy all my friendships i have made here.

and for those of you that enjoy reading about my naked ass being whipped you will be pleased to know that it was just this past week. i was given 70 nice hard ones with a leather belt. most of the 70 where part of my b-day spanking but i also earned more for going to sleep before being allowed to. i will not tell you how many was for what reason but i will tell you i did enjoy each and everyone.

one of the things Master enjoys most is whipping me without restraining me. He has trained me to take my punishment without my moving. He wants me to accept the pain He gives me and enjoy it. i show Him that i do accept and enjoy it by not moving away from it like a true slave should. if i am to move at all i am to stick my ass up higher or out to Him and only when told to.

sometimes it is very hard to hold still for the pain that is to cum, but i try hard and Master knows when i do move it really hurt. He was very proud of me taking the 70 swats as i kept my legs spread and my ass up for Him without moving. to tell you the truth i wanted and neeeded it bad.

i don't know if it happens to everyone that gets spanked, but it turns me into a real sex whore. i get a real sexual need from a good hard spanking. i think i could take a football team of cocks in all my holes after a good hot spanking :) anyone else feel like that?

we also want to wish you all a Happy Spanking New Year and good cheer!

a true sex slave and whore,