Sunday, November 29, 2009

wanna watch?

well if you were in the hotel parking lot outside my window yesterday you would have seen me, but i could not see you. i was tied spread eagle to the bed and blindfolded. His main hole was wide open for His pleasure. Master then opened the blind wide open on our ground floor window. my naked body was exposed for all to see if they looked in.

after the blind was opened He put clothes pins on my rock hard nipples and went to work on my cunt with Mr C my rubber cock. as He shoved it deep up inside me He licked on my clit. i was not really sure that the blind was open, i could only hear it being open.

as Master fucked and sucked on me i heard a horn from a car parked outside beep. the car was parked off to the left side of our window. i told Master if the window is really open someone is out there. He said i don't care i hope they enjoy the show as he kept using me.

i heard car doors being closed and then i heard the car start as the sound of it backed away i heard two beeps of its horn like they were saying thanks to us. Master and i do not know if they saw us or not, but if they did they got a real good show.

when Master was done using Mr C on me He whipped on my naked body. one was so hard on my thigh it felt like i was cut with a knife. it did leave a very nice mark on me :) Master removed the clothes pins and my blindfold and that is when i saw how wide open the window really was the whole time. as you know my Master is not shy when it comes to showing off His slave to others.

oh yes did i tell you how much i came and enjoyed it?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

sitting in

my new collar and cuffs tonight writing to you my loyal readers. now i am just His hole. below you read about being o c h and now i am just His hole. holes of pleasure for Him. before i could control what my mouth did when i was on His hardness, now He controls it with this new toy. He can plug it if He does not need this hole just like my others.

Master bought me a new collar and gag this week. after a 35 minute wait at the post office today to get His new toys, He got them. yes the PO is a joke in these days of fast moving get it done now world.

i had no clue as to what He bought me until i was wearing it. the tube gag is huge inside my small mouth, but Master's cock fits right inside the opening of it. i drool all over His cock wearing it, but He loves it as He face fucks His mouth hole.

yes i will wear my new collar in public at our favorite drink spot this coming week so watch out for me there soon.

here i am wearing my toys in photo below.


this past week Master came up with a new name for me. He calls me His o c h now. this came about doing my worship time this week. as you know i worship Him for 10 mins every morning naked before work. i have done many things and in many positions for Him doing worship.

one of the things Master likes for me to do is stare at my naked body in the mirror and chant for Him. i might stand or kneel with my hands on my head and chant i am a owned slave or i am just a slut for His use. Master wants me to enjoy my own body and know my place as His at the same time.

Thursday i was told to get Mr. C out and lay down in front of the mirror my legs spread wide and fuck myself with my big rubber cock Mr C as i watch it go in & out of my cunt hole. as i did this as i chanted "i am your owned cunt hole Master" over and over. the best part is Master will called me to listen to me chant and talk sexy to me as i did it.

well He really had me going as He told me to pound it harder and deeper among other things. as i watched and listened to Him i pounded my cunt like a mad woman. i was so worked up from it that when He hung up i went and got my little rabbit vibrator and put close pins on my hard nipples. i then pounded away some more with Mr C as i vibrated my clit with the pain from nipples shooting down to my cunt. my nipples are like a light switch to my cunt they just turn it on more.

i came so hard as did all of this as i watched myself in the mirror. i was not sure i could even get up to get dressed for work. i was in a sexual haze and wore out. what a great way to start off a workday with a big O.

we stopped that night for drinks at the little restaurant that we go to. they know us pretty well there now. they all smile when we walk in with me in my collar and short skirts. after the first round of drinks was delivered Master told me to unbutton my blouse all the way this time and sit with it open for Him.

well i did not even have a sip of my 1st drink yet so i begged Him for just doing two for now and let me warm up to doing it with more drinks. He said ok as i opened up my top for His viewing pleasure. the waiter came and went bringing more drinks as we talked. i am sure he saw more tit than he wanted to at times.

after he brought the last one (4th) for the evening to the table Master said now do as you were told slave and unbutton it all the way. i did as i opened it up wide for His pleasure. yes both tits are in full view for Him or anyone walking by the table to see. i drank all of my last drink sitting this way. i am glad it was a slow night for them.

what i did not know is while i was sitting there my skirt was all the way up to my naked cunt and it could be seen by the waiter if he looked. no wonder they smile when we walk in and the service is always great.

Friday morning worship was done in the corner on my knees with my legs spread wide and my finger working over my cunt deep inside as i chanted i am your owned cunt hole Master over & over as He listened.

yes i am His owned cunt hole (o c h for short) and proud of it! what a great week.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

my pleasure spot

is my bald pussy and Master knows just how to make it run like a river out of its banks. this past week the weather has just been great and the moon is full. and i am horny beyond words. i really need fucked BAD!

so this past week Master said He needed to taste me as He has not done that in a while. yes i was out of service for a few while as i had the flu and that shit is nasty, fyi. now that i am back to being His slut again i am needing His hard cock BAD!

i went 7 day without a deep french kiss from Master and that made me crazy. we do that everyday when we kiss. i just love His tounge deep down inside my mouth. kissing is good for you i hear and we do it as much as possible in a day.

now on to the needs of my pussy. after our kissing got back on track now it was time for other things to get back on track. Master has me laid out naked and said i need to taste your pussy pie again slave. so as i lay there for for Him to taste it He starts licking on my bald pussy right on His mark. as He is doing this He sticks His finger in just a little bit and moves it around in a circle inside my cunt.

i am going into a sexual daze as He does this and wanting and needing a lot more of this. as He licks it He sticks his finger deeper inside me and plays with my g-spot. now i use my own fingers to pinch down hard on my rock hard nipples. this is like turning on a light switch to my cunt.

i cum like a mad woman and wanting more! i am soaked in my own cum. i love this feeling of pleasure i get from my cunt. now Master moves His mouth up my belly to my rock hard nipples and bites very easy as He sucks on them. at the very same time His finger rubs my pussy very easy over His mark. i can not take it as He bites down harder on my nipple and rubs my clit at the same time. i shake and shiver as i have multiple orgasms over and over.

i am in slutland now and i love it. i cum so much i can't move. i love what one man and one wet cunt can do together. it is magic with the right combo!