Saturday, November 21, 2009

sitting in

my new collar and cuffs tonight writing to you my loyal readers. now i am just His hole. below you read about being o c h and now i am just His hole. holes of pleasure for Him. before i could control what my mouth did when i was on His hardness, now He controls it with this new toy. He can plug it if He does not need this hole just like my others.

Master bought me a new collar and gag this week. after a 35 minute wait at the post office today to get His new toys, He got them. yes the PO is a joke in these days of fast moving get it done now world.

i had no clue as to what He bought me until i was wearing it. the tube gag is huge inside my small mouth, but Master's cock fits right inside the opening of it. i drool all over His cock wearing it, but He loves it as He face fucks His mouth hole.

yes i will wear my new collar in public at our favorite drink spot this coming week so watch out for me there soon.

here i am wearing my toys in photo below.


Florida Dom said...

Love your new toys and I'me your Master is going to have fun playing with them.

And will you return to that restaurant any time soon. I bet you have no trouble getting prompt service from your waiter. And is that a turn on for you to serve your Master in public like that?


charlie said...

love the new collar-now you need a new outfit to go with it. Make sure that you get matching shoes.

Anonymous said...

i love your new toys kk, i love your desire to please Him, i have been working on my nervousness, last weekend was a trial/triumph for me, i over came something i'd feared for a long while...

Sheen V said...

Beautiful! I can understand why Master has you wear that coller and gag.

Anonymous said...

This is by far the most amazing blog I've ever come across. I was wondering where we could see more pictures of you?