Saturday, November 07, 2009

my pleasure spot

is my bald pussy and Master knows just how to make it run like a river out of its banks. this past week the weather has just been great and the moon is full. and i am horny beyond words. i really need fucked BAD!

so this past week Master said He needed to taste me as He has not done that in a while. yes i was out of service for a few while as i had the flu and that shit is nasty, fyi. now that i am back to being His slut again i am needing His hard cock BAD!

i went 7 day without a deep french kiss from Master and that made me crazy. we do that everyday when we kiss. i just love His tounge deep down inside my mouth. kissing is good for you i hear and we do it as much as possible in a day.

now on to the needs of my pussy. after our kissing got back on track now it was time for other things to get back on track. Master has me laid out naked and said i need to taste your pussy pie again slave. so as i lay there for for Him to taste it He starts licking on my bald pussy right on His mark. as He is doing this He sticks His finger in just a little bit and moves it around in a circle inside my cunt.

i am going into a sexual daze as He does this and wanting and needing a lot more of this. as He licks it He sticks his finger deeper inside me and plays with my g-spot. now i use my own fingers to pinch down hard on my rock hard nipples. this is like turning on a light switch to my cunt.

i cum like a mad woman and wanting more! i am soaked in my own cum. i love this feeling of pleasure i get from my cunt. now Master moves His mouth up my belly to my rock hard nipples and bites very easy as He sucks on them. at the very same time His finger rubs my pussy very easy over His mark. i can not take it as He bites down harder on my nipple and rubs my clit at the same time. i shake and shiver as i have multiple orgasms over and over.

i am in slutland now and i love it. i cum so much i can't move. i love what one man and one wet cunt can do together. it is magic with the right combo!

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fukpuppet said...

i heart going to slutland! i am so happy you are over the flu, i too have been out of bloggy world, one of my kids had the flu following a week long of my grieving for the loss of a close friend...anyway again, i am happy you are feeling better!