Sunday, August 29, 2010

stress relief

it was finally friday after a crazy week at the work place. i was just waiting for five o'clock so i could just get the hell out of there and enjoy my time away from the zoo and recharge. i did not want to hear all of the football bs that was going on around me. Master got a little sideways with me earlier in the week about the football talk and i guess that set the tone for the whole week.

i know that Master loves me very much, but i love Him so damm much that it hurts when He is upset with me. i would rather be whipped 100 times hard with a cane then have Him upset at me. not that He yells or screams, He just don't talk or if He does is very short with His answers. He did say to me that we love with a lot of passion so we disagree with a lot of passion too. it was no biggie for Him just me.

well enough about that sore subject on to better things. in order to get to five o'clock you have to get past noon first. so it's lunch time now and time for Master & i to go get something to eat. i might have been down and out, but i know that when i ride with Master what i have to do. no matter what my mood may be i know that my ass better be naked on His seat.

i always ride with my pants down at my ankles and legs spead wide open for Him to enjoy. He loves to finger me as He drives. i guess i was needing some pussy attention this day because His touch sent me into O heaven. we even went to place that took longer to get to just so He could finger it longer. He put me in my happy place many times on the drive there.

we had the pick two a sandwich and salad. well this place is well known for bread so they gave us a hard bread roll with our lunchs. we had just finished our lunch and Master said do not forget to take His dessert. i was not sure what He meant. He wanted me to take a piece of the bread with me like we did the last time.

now you may be asking why would He want more bread after just eating a sandwich? well this bread is dipped and He loves it that way. i rolled up the whole roll and took it with me. now back in the truck on our way back with my pants down i break off a piece of the bread and put it in my pussy. Master then rubbed my cunt to make it more juicy. now i take my bun out of my oven and hand it to Him and now He eats it with my cum juices soaked into it.

He had two pieces of pussy bread this time on the way back. i was now so relaxed and enjoying the afternoon. it felt good to have my pussy worked over with His fingers. and oh yes after work He ate the crumbs out of it with His tounge. i just love what that man does with my cunt and what a great way to start my weekend. i never knew a person that enjoys a pussy as much as my Master does. and it is my pussy that He enjoys.