Tuesday, September 26, 2006


where did she go? in case you do not know who that is, she wrote a blog called (Life as His) and it was one that Master and i enjoyed reading very much.

the links to it are dead now and she gone. does anyone know where she went or why she left without a goodbye?

we miss her and the clan.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

new whip

has a bite

Master's new whip from the pet store of all places has a real bite to it on my ass cheeks. it is made for a horse's ass not mine, of course i can sometimes be a horse's ass if you know what i mean.

Master had me tied tight with my arms spread out like a Y and legs tied to the spreader bar. the spreader bar was than pulled back so i was just about on my tip toes and tied off to the bed. so here i am about to fall on my face if my ropes break & Master with a new whip in his hand.

He started out whipping me without the much hated ball gag in place but i was to loud with my moans & oh Master's. i begged and pleaded with him as he tried to put in my mouth. He told me to shut up and open wide slave. i hate that damm thing but in it went. He then added the blindfold to make me look more slave like. He enjoys me being gagged as he has not have to hear me plead for mercy.

my ass was whipped with the new whip along with the cane, crop, and flogger as well as being stung with a rubber band. my tits wore the weighted clamps and were also flogged & stung. i wear many of my Master's marks today and enjoy each one i see.

after a 2 hr punishment session i was showered with Master's golden water as i kneeled in the large jacuzzi tub. He then had me fill the tub for a nice long bubble bath for the both of us. we sat and drank mimosas for a long time then it was off to the large king size bed for more pleasure with each other.

the pleasure we had in that bed licking, kissing and sucking on each other can not be told in words. we napped in each others arms for a while then it was off to the pool to wake up. me in my new bikini and Master in his. i think Master showed off more then me as his was almost see thru when wet.

the sun was warm and a nice breeze blew as we laid out there enjoying a Saturday of play. getting a room at a nice hotel and getting away from the real world for a while is like a mini vacation for both of us. what fun can be had between two people that love each when away from the everyday.

Master let's go back.

Friday, September 22, 2006

i will serve

my Master the best i can tomorrow. my new jewel of the Master will be placed into place the very 1st thing. after that i have no clues as to what his plans are. i do know that a golden shower as well as my drinking one is being talked about. not sure if it will happen though. He talks more about things that he will do than he does. likes to keep me on edge.

i will keep you posted on how that one turns out. i do know that i will be out in public in a string bikini for the very 1st time in my adult life.

please pray for rain for me.

i must admit that Master has made me feel a lot better about my own body. i now show it off with a lot of pride. i would have never have posted a nude picture of me on the www before Master.

hell no one even took pics of me naked before Master came along. He has well over a thousand pics of me and taking more everyday.

that has to be real LOVE in my book. He just loves my naked body.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Master's mark

you are looking at my new jewel for my hood piercing. Master will be replacing the one that has been in place since my piercing was done with this one.

this has a slave ring on it for my Master to attach His leash or whatever He wishes too. it's balls are also bigger than what i have now. the one i wear now is a smaller gage and much smaller balls. i like the idea of the bigger balls as they are more easy to handle.

it will be put into place by Master this Saturday as we have a day of play planned. once in place it is not to be removed unless done so by Master, just as the one is i wear now. the reason i posted these pictures is because once in place you will not be able to see it. Master will not allow that to be done here.

i know that he will take a lot of pics of it in place but that is not to be shown here. Master already thinks that what we show here is way more than most other blogs show. i must admit i read a lot of other blogs and 98% do not show nudity at all. i really hope he will let me keep posting pics as i think it shows my readers i do what i tell you i do.

what are your thoughts on my posting my pics here? do tell.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

on my knees

every night for 20 mins and every morning for 5 mins. that is what happens to a slave when she does things wrong.

the other day i was very tired and Master told me to do a blog posting. well i did and i did not give it much though. just something quick with no detail about our fun time with my Mistress. well when Master saw my post He deleted it and told me that post will cost me 20 mins in the corner naked on my knees. i could do better and will. so i did as i was told and kneeled for my 20 mins then got up and went to bed.

Master ask me who gave you permission to get up? well i must not lie, no one gave me permission to get up, i just did it. that cost me 7 more days naked on my knees in the corner. now i always ask permission to get up, but one night i was there 40 mins because i forgot to do a ass report to Master. that is when my ass is spanked hard i must send via email a ass report on how it looks later on in the evening. he logs my reports.

i must also spend 5 mins each morning in the middle of the living room naked on my knees with my slave collar on before going to work. so that i start my day in the correct way. blinds are also open for others to see if they should look in.

i just love how i can bring on punishment to myself sometimes.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

more fun & cum

after M&M worked my ass over with the crop & cane Master started kissing my cheeks to kiss away the pain. Mistress joined him and now i have both of them kissing my ass in a very tender loving way this time. that is why they call it pain and pleasure.

after that Mistress had me get up on my knees at the bottom of the bed bent over with my face in the sheets. i waited in that position as she walked over to Master to whisper something to him. my ass high in the air my legs spread wide i knew this might not be good for me. as Her & Master talked Her hubby picked up the crop from the bed and started playing with my hard nipples with the loop of the crop. we both laughed as he played with them and told me how there were.

not sure what M&M were talking about and it was a long talk but the next thing i know Master is lying on the bed next to me with Mistress going down on him. Her hubby then rolled me over on my back as he went down on me (a first for him & i) his tounge felt great licking at my balls (my piercing). Master then rolled Mistress over and licked her as She lie next to me. there we were Mistress & slave lying side by side as Master licked Mistress and her hubby licked slave.

i thought i was dreaming as this has NEVER happend in my lifetime. yes the four of us haved played before but never like this. i know that there is more fun and cum to come as we all enjoyed the day together. what fun it was for Master and i to have a little swing in our lives.

we ended our play and were just sitting around talking about us leaving. the four of us all naked and talking as you would to any friends with clothes on. it is so great that Master has shown me how to enjoy my naked self. He enjoys being nude and has lived that way most of his life, where i was one to never to leave my bedroom without all my clothes on. i mean i would never leave the house without bra and panties on. now i never leave it with them.

what a changed woman i am now and so very happy that i am. life is way to short not to enjoy naked pleasure.

p.s. i had to do knee time last light with my butt plug in as i failed Master once more in doing things as a good slave should. it hurt bad as it has been a while since i have had it in. then i took it out before being told to, now i have to do 40 mins on my knees in the corner tonight.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

M. M. & m part2

Master opened the door to let my Mistress in. Her hubby was just dropping her off as he had to run to the office just for just a minute. She walked into the room dressed in a tank top and short shorts. Her nipples were hard and sticking out as she had no bra on. they looked great.

She talked with us as she made herself a drink. Master and I sat on the bed naked as we talked with her. as She was drinking her drink Master ask me if i would like one, i said no thank you. He said i should have one so i could show Mistress how i do it. i knew what He meant as he grabbed my leash and pulled me up from the bed. He then picked up my water bowl and sat it on the floor at Her feet. He told me my drink was ready and to drink it.

i got down on my knees and bent over to lick from my bowl as my Mistress watched me from above. i drank until i was told to stop by Master. He then pulled me up to my feet by my leash and handed it over to my Mistress. She took it and pulled me to Her for a wet kiss. i was then lead to the bed where she tried to blindfold me. i said oh no not that again and She well ok then just keep your eyes closed as She tossed it to the side. She told to lie down and wait as She needed to change.

with my eyes closed i could not see what She was wearing but i know now that it was a HOT pink scarf that she made look like a swim suit. it did not cover much but it did hide Her best parts from the eyes.

Master watched while Mistress and i enjoyed the touch of each others bodies. WOW!!! it just keeps getting better everytime i am with her. maybe it's because i am getting more relaxed with myself with Her. i don't know, but i do know that i love the way it makes me feel. Master was taking photos of us as we played then He joined in fun. i don't remember who was on who but i know we all were really enjoying each other when there was a soft knock at the door. we all looked at each other and laughed. it was Her hubby coming back.

he was very excited to be there with us finally. Master then showed him my new hood piercing since he had not seen it live & up close. they all made sure they got a very close up view of it. this got me very excited and very wet as the three of them looked at my very wet wide open pussy. nothing like having a person you work with every day stare at your naked pussy once in a while.

he made himself a drink and sat down as Mistress and i went back to playing with each other. after a lot of licking and cumming on both parts Master joined in the fun as Her hubby took more photos. he is very good with a camera and gets some nice shots.

Mistress took her scarf and wrapped it around my neck as she had me roll over on my stomach. Master handed her the flogger and she went to work on my ass and back. next came the crop and she is very good and very hard with it. Master said she does nice work with it. Her hubby said to Master show us some of your work. with that Master got out the cane and laid some good ones on me. both M&M where going at my ass at the same time. i had to guess which one it was and tell them thank you i deserve that may i have another. all i have to say is i LOVE IT and i want a LOT more of it.

there is more to cum but i need to run now.

p.s. worked all week braless again on my own. was not told to do it just did it as i seem to enjoy it more now. also i am doing 20 mins on my knees in a corner every night for 7 days as punishment for something bad thing i did.

Monday, September 04, 2006

M.M. & m

Master. Mistress. & me had one fun filled day. Master and Mistress had been wanting to get together for a play day but no one was sure when it could happen. well saturday it did happen. Master called the husband of my Mistress and told him that we where getting a room. He said his mother and her friend had stopped by and they would be there as soon as they could get away.

this gave Master and i time to play before they showed up. Master had me dress in a skin tight very short black body suit that has a zipper down the front of it with my white heels & collar on. i looked like a hooker walking though the parking lot of the hotel. the zipper was open way past my tits so they were very easy to see. there were a few guys in the lot driving by that took some very long looks at me.

once we made it in the room Master and i felt each other up and kissed like teenages in love as i removed all of his clothes. once he was naked it was on my knees for me to pleasure his smoothness. He then removed my suit and had me stand with my hands together behind me. He took stretch wrap and wrapped my arms together behind me. then he wrapped it around my body from my tits to my pussy. i was than sat on a stool and wrapped to it as my leg cuffs where tied to the back of the stool.

after i could not move i was tittie whipped with the flogger until they where a nice shade of red. then came the weighted tit clamps and blindfold as Master took pictures of me. my arms hurt bad and i begged for release as Master licked my baldness. he did not let me go right away but after more begging he did release my arms.

i ask if i could have a drink of water and he said NO. what i didn't know he was pouring my water in a bowl for me. he had get down on my knees on the floor and told if i wanted water to drink it from the bowl. i could not see the bowl for my blindfold but Master put face to the bowl. i drank my water just like a good Master's pet should, licking it from a bowl.

i needed to pee bad after drinking water most of the morning. when i ask if i could go to the batroom Master said yes but you will pee standing in the tub. Master led me to the bathroom and had me get in the tub face him & spread my legs wide and let it go as he took photos of the event. there is no being shy around Master.

it was back to the bedroom and some nice quite time rolling around the sheets with Master and some good hot sex. not long after our sex there was a knock on the door and it was Mistress and her husband. more on that later as this is running long. more fun to cum.

a big Thank you to Mistress for letting me serve you. i really enjoyed our day together. i long to feel the sting of your crop again very soon.