Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Master's mark

you are looking at my new jewel for my hood piercing. Master will be replacing the one that has been in place since my piercing was done with this one.

this has a slave ring on it for my Master to attach His leash or whatever He wishes too. it's balls are also bigger than what i have now. the one i wear now is a smaller gage and much smaller balls. i like the idea of the bigger balls as they are more easy to handle.

it will be put into place by Master this Saturday as we have a day of play planned. once in place it is not to be removed unless done so by Master, just as the one is i wear now. the reason i posted these pictures is because once in place you will not be able to see it. Master will not allow that to be done here.

i know that he will take a lot of pics of it in place but that is not to be shown here. Master already thinks that what we show here is way more than most other blogs show. i must admit i read a lot of other blogs and 98% do not show nudity at all. i really hope he will let me keep posting pics as i think it shows my readers i do what i tell you i do.

what are your thoughts on my posting my pics here? do tell.


a fan said...

Hi I think I speeak for all when I say we love your photos

Another Fan said...

I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and love the pictures, please ask your master to continue.

Sheen V said...

I have mixed feelings. Reading about your activities paints a great picture in my mind. Being a male, of course I'm drawn to looking at pictures. However, pictures alone wouldn't convey the same things as just words. Some pictures would be fine, just a few perhapse that are not too explicit. Feet are always welcome!