Tuesday, September 12, 2006

on my knees

every night for 20 mins and every morning for 5 mins. that is what happens to a slave when she does things wrong.

the other day i was very tired and Master told me to do a blog posting. well i did and i did not give it much though. just something quick with no detail about our fun time with my Mistress. well when Master saw my post He deleted it and told me that post will cost me 20 mins in the corner naked on my knees. i could do better and will. so i did as i was told and kneeled for my 20 mins then got up and went to bed.

Master ask me who gave you permission to get up? well i must not lie, no one gave me permission to get up, i just did it. that cost me 7 more days naked on my knees in the corner. now i always ask permission to get up, but one night i was there 40 mins because i forgot to do a ass report to Master. that is when my ass is spanked hard i must send via email a ass report on how it looks later on in the evening. he logs my reports.

i must also spend 5 mins each morning in the middle of the living room naked on my knees with my slave collar on before going to work. so that i start my day in the correct way. blinds are also open for others to see if they should look in.

i just love how i can bring on punishment to myself sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I am so feeling your pain on this one. :-)


slave lucy said...

i am forever digging myself into holes of punishment. Honestly i think my mental anguish is a harsher punishment than anything Master dishes out....or is it...Hmmmm?

Take care,
slave lucy

kk said...

thanks for the comments and support.

i had to do my 20 min knee time outside in the backyard last night and slide my glass dildo in and out of my pussy at the same time.

i came without permission now i am in for more punishment.

i just keep digging like you lucy but i enjoy it all.