Friday, September 22, 2006

i will serve

my Master the best i can tomorrow. my new jewel of the Master will be placed into place the very 1st thing. after that i have no clues as to what his plans are. i do know that a golden shower as well as my drinking one is being talked about. not sure if it will happen though. He talks more about things that he will do than he does. likes to keep me on edge.

i will keep you posted on how that one turns out. i do know that i will be out in public in a string bikini for the very 1st time in my adult life.

please pray for rain for me.

i must admit that Master has made me feel a lot better about my own body. i now show it off with a lot of pride. i would have never have posted a nude picture of me on the www before Master.

hell no one even took pics of me naked before Master came along. He has well over a thousand pics of me and taking more everyday.

that has to be real LOVE in my book. He just loves my naked body.


slave lucy said...

Dear kk,

No i did not receive your email...sorry:(


Sheen V said...

So did you wear the string bikini in public?

kk said...

yes sheen v and Master will email u picture.