Friday, August 24, 2007

plugged up

last weekend Master had me wear my short dress into a sex store. there where some younger folks 18-21 male types in the store being the store sold water pipes there also.

Master walked me around for a while looking at different things. there was a long leather slapper in one of the displays that He wanted to look at, so he called over one of the clerks. she handed Him the slapper as she looked at me standing there with my collar & slave tag around my neck in the short dress. Master looked over the slapper and ask what do you think of this one slave? yes i was called slave right in front of the store clerk.

i told Him it looked good as He slapped His hand with it. i knew what He was thinking and was hoping that did not happen. He wanted to have me bend over so He could give me a swat or two on my naked ass. the only reason that did not happen is too many teens were standing around us. the price was $50 so Master handed it back to the girl and said He would think about it.

He was not going to buy it until He could slap my naked ass with it at least once in front of the clerk. we looked around at the other toys they had as she went to wait on someone else. we saw a nice medium size butt plug hanging on the wall behind the counter. so Master had the other clerk come over and help us. as she made way over to us He told me to ask her for the butt plug.

i did as told and ask her to see the purple butt plug. she handed it Master as she looked right at me. Master then turns to me and ask do you think this one is the right size for you slave? i turned red and said yes it looked fine. He said it is bigger than your small one and smaller than your big one you should enjoy this one. He handed it back to the clerk and said we will take it, my slave likes it.

she carried my plug to the front of the store and laid it on the counter in front of everyone as we stood waiting to pay for it. once it was paid for and in the bag Master said to me slave grab your plug and lets go. yes both clerks looked at me and smiled knowing i would be having that very plug in my ass soon.

i must have it in every night after work until bed time. now Master wants to go back and get the slapper with me plugged to show the girls as He trys out the slapper on my naked bent over ass. i am not wanting to go shopping anytime soon with Him, that's for sure.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Attention shoppers

we have a whore in the store. her bare ass is on aisle three and her bare bald pussy is in office furniture. security cams all aimed at me and i am not stealing a thing.

well that is what i was thinking in my head as i shopped wearing my brand new short dress. i love the dress it feels like i am wearing a very lite weight slip and it is very soft only problem is i feel like my naked ass is showing to the world as i own no panties to cover it, Master owns them.

Master wanted to watch shoppers reaction to my new dress so i was made to shop alone as he watched from afar. my first store was a big department store well known for there tools. the second store was a skate board type shop and the last one was a well known office supply store.

i felt like all eyes where on me as i walked around looking at different items. i was to bend over at least twice for Master where He could see me. it was to be for His eyes only but if someone happened to walk up and see me, well it was there to look at. i know for a fact the security cam guys got a cam full.

in the first store i was the most nervous, the second store was small and just a few people and by the third store i was feeling brave and was enjoying myself more. i also had a very wet pussy i was so turned on. i thought i could feel my wetness run down my legs.

Master wanted me to sit on some of the office chairs spread my legs and show Him my pussy. well i did it on the row of chairs facing a the main aisle in the middle of the store. on the first chair i just spread my legs for Him but on the next one i spread my legs and picked up my skirt too.

Master had to quit watching me as i was making Him hard and you could see it growing in His shorts. i know i bent over at least 6 times in the last store, as each time i would bend over for Him my sunglasses would fall on the floor and i would bend over to get them. when i did bend over it was nothng butt naked ass & cunt showing Master said.

now Master wants us to go shopping for a new bed mattress next in my new dress. not that we need one, but it should be fun to watch our salesman when i lie down on one. i never knew how fun and exciting it could be just showing a little skin now and then. oh the fun we have just playing expose me games.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

birthday spanking

no it's not my birthday, but i will be getting a birthday spanking. being i enjoy pain and Mistress does not i will be more than happy to take Her b-day spanking.

i will not tell you how young She is, but i know i will enjoy the "40" swats with the brand new crop i gave Her ;)

yes now She has Her very own crop to use on this slaves ass. no real Mistress should be without one.

i know She had a Happy Birthday, butt i don't see how it could be a happy one without a spanking? every crop needs a ass and mine is always there for yours Mistress.

Master said i will sing happy birthday to you while you give me your b-day spanking. i am sure there will be some high notes in my singing.

waiting & wanting to feel the pain of your new crop.

Happy Birthday Mistress J
hugs & kisses

Saturday, August 11, 2007

friday night lights

yes the ass cheeks are bright on friday night. yes even today i can see bruises from my game last night. that's right it football time again and it is time to take my pain for my team.

my boys played Thursday night and won by 13 points so i got 26 nice hard swats with the wood paddle last night. it had been a long time since my ass has seen the paddle. it really has some sting to it and Master did not hold back on the power of His swings. i really enjoy this time of year because i know i will be spanked each week without fail.

the rules are the same a win by my Cboys brings double the score in swats and loss brings just the points they score. i am to be laying naked flat on my cunt & tits with hand clasped behind my head at all times. my legs are to be spread wide apart so He may reach my cunt with His fingers if needed. i must count out each swat and say "thank you Master i deserved that may i have another" after each one no matter how fast He goes.

all i can say is How about them Cowboys!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

training camp: holding the balls

football season is fast approaching and all the players are at training camp now preparing for the weeks ahead. i guess you could say that i am also at training camp practicing ball holding.

Master has me practicing holding my two 3/4 inch stainless steel balls inside my cunt. the goal is to have them in my cunt and walk around the park without dropping them. if they drop at anytime before I get back to "end zone" then I will have to walk through the local mall with them.

last Sunday was my 1st preseason game day. i slid the balls into my cunt as far as i could, but it didn't matter much because my cunt was so wet from my excitement the balls didn't want to stay in place. oh yea and just peed. so i squeezed my legs together to hold the balls as tight as possible and we started walking.

i could feel the balls the entire time as walked around and was confident that I could do it. needless to say i was so close to the goal line when i fumbled the balls. how heartbreaking that was for my Master and me with all the training i did for the last 2 weeks. i was so wet and the balls were so slippery i just couldn't hold on.

then again this is preseason which means i am still in training and i believe that i did good carrying the balls as far as I did. practice makes perfect!!!! and there will be a lot more practice.