Sunday, August 19, 2007

Attention shoppers

we have a whore in the store. her bare ass is on aisle three and her bare bald pussy is in office furniture. security cams all aimed at me and i am not stealing a thing.

well that is what i was thinking in my head as i shopped wearing my brand new short dress. i love the dress it feels like i am wearing a very lite weight slip and it is very soft only problem is i feel like my naked ass is showing to the world as i own no panties to cover it, Master owns them.

Master wanted to watch shoppers reaction to my new dress so i was made to shop alone as he watched from afar. my first store was a big department store well known for there tools. the second store was a skate board type shop and the last one was a well known office supply store.

i felt like all eyes where on me as i walked around looking at different items. i was to bend over at least twice for Master where He could see me. it was to be for His eyes only but if someone happened to walk up and see me, well it was there to look at. i know for a fact the security cam guys got a cam full.

in the first store i was the most nervous, the second store was small and just a few people and by the third store i was feeling brave and was enjoying myself more. i also had a very wet pussy i was so turned on. i thought i could feel my wetness run down my legs.

Master wanted me to sit on some of the office chairs spread my legs and show Him my pussy. well i did it on the row of chairs facing a the main aisle in the middle of the store. on the first chair i just spread my legs for Him but on the next one i spread my legs and picked up my skirt too.

Master had to quit watching me as i was making Him hard and you could see it growing in His shorts. i know i bent over at least 6 times in the last store, as each time i would bend over for Him my sunglasses would fall on the floor and i would bend over to get them. when i did bend over it was nothng butt naked ass & cunt showing Master said.

now Master wants us to go shopping for a new bed mattress next in my new dress. not that we need one, but it should be fun to watch our salesman when i lie down on one. i never knew how fun and exciting it could be just showing a little skin now and then. oh the fun we have just playing expose me games.


Kinky Aoefe said...

Hot post! And you have GREAT legs!


His cunt said...

i agree!!!! nice dress.. **giggle** Wanted also to let you know I have moved my is now at If you have a moment I would appreciate it if you could update your link. Thank you so much! keel up the good work darlin!!!!!


Sheen V said...

Stunning is how you look in that dress! I'm suprised you were able to get out of the house without a good fuck after putting it on!

Enyo said...

that is a great summer dress...absolutely adorable....of course it helps that you have the legs to go with it.

Silvertip said...

The only thing lovelier than you in that dress would be you without it. I don't find an email address for you but I would really love to add a link to your blog from mine.

kk said...

thanks to all for the great comments everyone.

it makes me feel great that you took the time to stop by and leave such good comments.

hugs to all