Friday, August 24, 2007

plugged up

last weekend Master had me wear my short dress into a sex store. there where some younger folks 18-21 male types in the store being the store sold water pipes there also.

Master walked me around for a while looking at different things. there was a long leather slapper in one of the displays that He wanted to look at, so he called over one of the clerks. she handed Him the slapper as she looked at me standing there with my collar & slave tag around my neck in the short dress. Master looked over the slapper and ask what do you think of this one slave? yes i was called slave right in front of the store clerk.

i told Him it looked good as He slapped His hand with it. i knew what He was thinking and was hoping that did not happen. He wanted to have me bend over so He could give me a swat or two on my naked ass. the only reason that did not happen is too many teens were standing around us. the price was $50 so Master handed it back to the girl and said He would think about it.

He was not going to buy it until He could slap my naked ass with it at least once in front of the clerk. we looked around at the other toys they had as she went to wait on someone else. we saw a nice medium size butt plug hanging on the wall behind the counter. so Master had the other clerk come over and help us. as she made way over to us He told me to ask her for the butt plug.

i did as told and ask her to see the purple butt plug. she handed it Master as she looked right at me. Master then turns to me and ask do you think this one is the right size for you slave? i turned red and said yes it looked fine. He said it is bigger than your small one and smaller than your big one you should enjoy this one. He handed it back to the clerk and said we will take it, my slave likes it.

she carried my plug to the front of the store and laid it on the counter in front of everyone as we stood waiting to pay for it. once it was paid for and in the bag Master said to me slave grab your plug and lets go. yes both clerks looked at me and smiled knowing i would be having that very plug in my ass soon.

i must have it in every night after work until bed time. now Master wants to go back and get the slapper with me plugged to show the girls as He trys out the slapper on my naked bent over ass. i am not wanting to go shopping anytime soon with Him, that's for sure.


Silvertip said...

You Master certainly keeps you hopping. Would have been nice to actually plug you in the store, but with a bunch of young guys there no telling what might have happened.

I've been perusing some of your earlier posts. I was pleased to find the ones on the waxing of your cunt. Haven't had time to read them yet, but they did cause a little excitement here, almost lost my keyboard off my lap.

Thanks for permission to add a link to you from my blog and yes, you certainly may add a link to mine.

I really like your pics.

kk said...

thank you for your permission to link you silvertip.

glad you are enjoying my pictures and yes Master does like to keep me on my toes and on my knees;)