Sunday, August 12, 2007

birthday spanking

no it's not my birthday, but i will be getting a birthday spanking. being i enjoy pain and Mistress does not i will be more than happy to take Her b-day spanking.

i will not tell you how young She is, but i know i will enjoy the "40" swats with the brand new crop i gave Her ;)

yes now She has Her very own crop to use on this slaves ass. no real Mistress should be without one.

i know She had a Happy Birthday, butt i don't see how it could be a happy one without a spanking? every crop needs a ass and mine is always there for yours Mistress.

Master said i will sing happy birthday to you while you give me your b-day spanking. i am sure there will be some high notes in my singing.

waiting & wanting to feel the pain of your new crop.

Happy Birthday Mistress J
hugs & kisses


Sheen V said...

Send Her my birthday wishes too. Stunning picture of you - its going to get me in trouble!

His pet said...

Lovely pic! Tell your mistress happy b-day for me.

DL's toy said...

Sexy sexy! i should have been there too, to keep count, of course! Hold the candles, hope they don't drip down my arm... lovely!

Happy belated Mistress J :o)