Thursday, August 09, 2007

training camp: holding the balls

football season is fast approaching and all the players are at training camp now preparing for the weeks ahead. i guess you could say that i am also at training camp practicing ball holding.

Master has me practicing holding my two 3/4 inch stainless steel balls inside my cunt. the goal is to have them in my cunt and walk around the park without dropping them. if they drop at anytime before I get back to "end zone" then I will have to walk through the local mall with them.

last Sunday was my 1st preseason game day. i slid the balls into my cunt as far as i could, but it didn't matter much because my cunt was so wet from my excitement the balls didn't want to stay in place. oh yea and just peed. so i squeezed my legs together to hold the balls as tight as possible and we started walking.

i could feel the balls the entire time as walked around and was confident that I could do it. needless to say i was so close to the goal line when i fumbled the balls. how heartbreaking that was for my Master and me with all the training i did for the last 2 weeks. i was so wet and the balls were so slippery i just couldn't hold on.

then again this is preseason which means i am still in training and i believe that i did good carrying the balls as far as I did. practice makes perfect!!!! and there will be a lot more practice.

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Sheen V said...

So I assume that you won't be wearing panties when doing this (you never wear them, right?). So much fun and potential for humiliation - I love it!