Saturday, August 11, 2007

friday night lights

yes the ass cheeks are bright on friday night. yes even today i can see bruises from my game last night. that's right it football time again and it is time to take my pain for my team.

my boys played Thursday night and won by 13 points so i got 26 nice hard swats with the wood paddle last night. it had been a long time since my ass has seen the paddle. it really has some sting to it and Master did not hold back on the power of His swings. i really enjoy this time of year because i know i will be spanked each week without fail.

the rules are the same a win by my Cboys brings double the score in swats and loss brings just the points they score. i am to be laying naked flat on my cunt & tits with hand clasped behind my head at all times. my legs are to be spread wide apart so He may reach my cunt with His fingers if needed. i must count out each swat and say "thank you Master i deserved that may i have another" after each one no matter how fast He goes.

all i can say is How about them Cowboys!

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