Tuesday, August 29, 2006

more new things

a bikini for me. i was instructed by Master to purchase a bikini he saw on the VS site that was on sale. now let me tell you i am not to sure about being seen in public in a string bikini. Master has already told me that i will be wearing it to the hotel pool after i walk from the room to the pool in nothing but it and heels.

i am very nervous about being out in public in a string bikini. but it will be done as it is what Master wants. i know the day it happens will be a very happy and fun one. He has already told me about how when we get back to our room there will be a plastic sheet laid on the bed and we both are to be covered in oil from head to toe. i have never done this with anyone either.

after my oil bath and some play time it will be tub time. we will have the room with the large jacuzzi. after a nice hot bath i will be put into bondage so my very soft wet ass can be whipped or caned. i am already for this to happen now but before any of this can happen the damm bikini has to show up.

due date is 09/12

i will keep you posted and i am sure He will post a pic of me on here wearing it.

Friday, August 25, 2006

loving a co-worker

Master has made me wonder about a co-worker of ours. Does she shave, trim or wear a full bush? Now Master wants me to find out and wanted my story of how i would ask her and what would happen after i found out the answer. So here is my dream of doing it and her.

As i walked into her office i had my mind set that i was going to find out some of her little secrets. and the first one i was going to start out with was if she had a bush, trimmed or a smooth pussy. so i brought up the subject of hating to shave and wanted to have laser done on me hoping this would open the door for her to tell me something about herself.

after a long girl chit chat of shaving vs laser and finding out that she was a smoothie too i knew i just had to have her pussy on my mouth. i knew i was on the right track now because i could tell she was getting hot & wet with our talk.
i now knew that we both wanted the same thing, to taste each others pussy's. i told her about my wild n crazy weekends and by the sparkle in her eyes in hearing this i knew all i had to do was to find the time and place.

when the time finally came we met at a local hotel room. and knowing about my desires she knew that my Master would be there to watch. when she arrived at the room i was already naked except for collar & cuffs waiting for her. as i helped her undress i slowly ran my hands over her breasts caressing them gently and kissing her on the mouth lightly. slowly moving to the bed we let our hands explore each others bodies.

now i had to taste that bald pussy that i had been fantisizing about for so long. as i put my tongue inside of her already wet pussy i could feel her squirm with pleasure. licking her all of her juices she tasted so good in my mouth. everytime i put my tongue deep inside of her she came more n more.

then as i sat on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide for her she noticed that i had my pussy pierced. she really liked it but never had licked a pussy with a ring in it before. oh how good her tongue felt on my balls and then deep in my pussy. as she would take her tongue out she would slowly and gently lick the juices off my lips while i came even more.

her breasts looked so good i had to suck on them. as i put her nipple in my mouth it was very hard with all of the excitement. she really enjoyed this part and so did i as she licked on my nipples too.
i am so glad that i had that talk with her about shaving. now we have much more to talk about like my Mistress joining in the fun.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

red ass

is what i have tonight after a 30 to 7 win for my boys. that means 46 for my ass and Master had no mercy on it. i had my ass naked and in position waiting with the hair brush sitting on top of my cheeks. Master wasted no time starting in on it and did not have no mercy for his slave.

i took 46 very well placed and very hard swats tonight, but i enjoyed each one as i screamed Master please. they came somewhat fast too. then with two more with his hand after th 46 He said Go Cowboys, and i hope they do. i enjoy the pain as much as a win.

my ass will be black and cowboy blue tomorrow butt i just love that color on it ;)

Monday, August 21, 2006

20 points &

tits in a tight spot all day. Master gave me a very hard & hot spanking tonight with my own hair brush for my boys win last week. He said there will be no mercy for me this year as the boys hired T. O.
my ass is to suffer every game win or lose but much more with every win.

i was also in tit bondage today at work. after 6 days with no bra at all, now i must wear one that is to small. i was told to go find a bra two sizes smaller then what i wear yesterday. it took a lot of shopping as He wanted it to be a shear one also. well if you want shear then you need to have big tits. i have nice tits but not big tits. see them for yourself in my profile pic.

i ended up in the little girls department before i could even find one. i must say it was tight, but everytime i felt it i knew i was pleasing my Master and that is what counted most. i am also going to do it again tomorrow as i bought two for Him to choose from. now i must wear it also.

Master is always coming up with ways to keep my mind on being owned. this was just one more way for me to serve as His slave.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

i wonder does she

shave, trim or have a full bush? Master has had me going this week with that question about a co-worker. have you ever looked at another woman or a man for that matter and ask yourself if they shave there pubic hair.

when i first met Master mine was trimed at the time and i had only shaved it all off maybe once or twice in 50+ yrs. Master had told me that he liked bald pussy so before i let him see mine for the 1st time i shaved it smooth. that was even before i signed the slave contract that states i must keep it shaved at all times.

Master even keeps his smooth and has done so since 2000. He had been shaving on and off since about 1976 or so. He started shaving after he saw a porn movie with a shaved Marilyn Chambers in it. He would never shave his bald back then, just kept it trimed down, always being afraid someone would see it. He started to shave it all off in the 80's but would always let it grow back. New Years day 2000 it was shaved bald and has stayed that way since.

Master has even been waxed before many times by a lady that had a salon. She closed her shop and he has not found another one yet. He said that he would like to have a laser removal for us both but that will take a win of the lottery before that happens.

i must say that being smooth is the only way for me now. i can't stand seeing a bush on a woman now. being bald is normal for me now but it was not that way before Master came into my life.

hell i was even braless this week at work on my very own without being told to. it was just too hot to wear one. i would have never done that 2 yrs ago. and the boys enjoyed it as much as i did.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

happy slave

i am one very happy slave now that football is back. i know that 95% of women do not like football. i just love it now that i have a man that will spank me by the points they win or lose by. it was just a game before. i loved my Cowboys but when you add a good spanking into the game it makes it a lot more fun.

i know it is only preseason and nothing to get crazy about butt my ass has been waiting a long time for the point system to return. i know i will be getting a good ass warming every week now and i just love to bend over and take some for my team. my ass has had some of it's best spankings after a game.

i hope T O gets off his bike soon so he can catch some touchdown passes and run up that score for me. i get double the swats when they win.

Go Cowboys!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my balls

were licked yesterday by my Master and it felt great. the balls i am talking about are the ones on my Master's mark. i was not sure about having my hood pierced when thinking about but now i ask myself why i did not have it done years ago. i love the feelings i get from it at certain times of day.

it reminds me that i am a owned slave and that i did this for my Master pleasure but i am the one that receives the pleasure. Master was gone for a few days on a business trip and when he returned yesterday he wanted to see his mark.

i was to be naked and have my lips spread wide for him when he arrived so he could see His mark. i did this in my car in a office parking lot that we meet at sometimes after work. he liked my show so much that when he got in the car he went right for my pussy pie. as he licked His mark with his tounge the little balls rubbed my clit and sent me into the "O" world.

after my licking i was whipped with the crop on my tits and pussy for missing two of his calls while he was out. He was easy with most of them but a few had some sting in them. i was then told to go home and put in my butt plug and wear it till bedtime.

i am to be plugged everynight until i make my Dr's appointment for the light show up my colon is made. i did not want talk about it with the doc when he brought it up and made the mistake of telling Master. now i must wear a plug after work till bedtime and most of the day on weekends until i make my appointment. i will even be made to wear it shopping. now where is that number for the doc?