Friday, August 25, 2006

loving a co-worker

Master has made me wonder about a co-worker of ours. Does she shave, trim or wear a full bush? Now Master wants me to find out and wanted my story of how i would ask her and what would happen after i found out the answer. So here is my dream of doing it and her.

As i walked into her office i had my mind set that i was going to find out some of her little secrets. and the first one i was going to start out with was if she had a bush, trimmed or a smooth pussy. so i brought up the subject of hating to shave and wanted to have laser done on me hoping this would open the door for her to tell me something about herself.

after a long girl chit chat of shaving vs laser and finding out that she was a smoothie too i knew i just had to have her pussy on my mouth. i knew i was on the right track now because i could tell she was getting hot & wet with our talk.
i now knew that we both wanted the same thing, to taste each others pussy's. i told her about my wild n crazy weekends and by the sparkle in her eyes in hearing this i knew all i had to do was to find the time and place.

when the time finally came we met at a local hotel room. and knowing about my desires she knew that my Master would be there to watch. when she arrived at the room i was already naked except for collar & cuffs waiting for her. as i helped her undress i slowly ran my hands over her breasts caressing them gently and kissing her on the mouth lightly. slowly moving to the bed we let our hands explore each others bodies.

now i had to taste that bald pussy that i had been fantisizing about for so long. as i put my tongue inside of her already wet pussy i could feel her squirm with pleasure. licking her all of her juices she tasted so good in my mouth. everytime i put my tongue deep inside of her she came more n more.

then as i sat on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide for her she noticed that i had my pussy pierced. she really liked it but never had licked a pussy with a ring in it before. oh how good her tongue felt on my balls and then deep in my pussy. as she would take her tongue out she would slowly and gently lick the juices off my lips while i came even more.

her breasts looked so good i had to suck on them. as i put her nipple in my mouth it was very hard with all of the excitement. she really enjoyed this part and so did i as she licked on my nipples too.
i am so glad that i had that talk with her about shaving. now we have much more to talk about like my Mistress joining in the fun.

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