Tuesday, August 15, 2006

happy slave

i am one very happy slave now that football is back. i know that 95% of women do not like football. i just love it now that i have a man that will spank me by the points they win or lose by. it was just a game before. i loved my Cowboys but when you add a good spanking into the game it makes it a lot more fun.

i know it is only preseason and nothing to get crazy about butt my ass has been waiting a long time for the point system to return. i know i will be getting a good ass warming every week now and i just love to bend over and take some for my team. my ass has had some of it's best spankings after a game.

i hope T O gets off his bike soon so he can catch some touchdown passes and run up that score for me. i get double the swats when they win.

Go Cowboys!


Sheen V said...

I like the new profile picture!!

kk said...

Thanks sheen. It is just another on the many Master has of me serving him.
I think his photo count is up around 900+ number.
Before Master came along the count was zero of me in the nude and not much more dressed. Some guys just don't know how to treat a woman.