Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my balls

were licked yesterday by my Master and it felt great. the balls i am talking about are the ones on my Master's mark. i was not sure about having my hood pierced when thinking about but now i ask myself why i did not have it done years ago. i love the feelings i get from it at certain times of day.

it reminds me that i am a owned slave and that i did this for my Master pleasure but i am the one that receives the pleasure. Master was gone for a few days on a business trip and when he returned yesterday he wanted to see his mark.

i was to be naked and have my lips spread wide for him when he arrived so he could see His mark. i did this in my car in a office parking lot that we meet at sometimes after work. he liked my show so much that when he got in the car he went right for my pussy pie. as he licked His mark with his tounge the little balls rubbed my clit and sent me into the "O" world.

after my licking i was whipped with the crop on my tits and pussy for missing two of his calls while he was out. He was easy with most of them but a few had some sting in them. i was then told to go home and put in my butt plug and wear it till bedtime.

i am to be plugged everynight until i make my Dr's appointment for the light show up my colon is made. i did not want talk about it with the doc when he brought it up and made the mistake of telling Master. now i must wear a plug after work till bedtime and most of the day on weekends until i make my appointment. i will even be made to wear it shopping. now where is that number for the doc?

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Sheen V said...

Oh, the hidden pleasures of the butt plug! Isn't it so naughty to wear one when one is in public? I love them!