Friday, February 29, 2008

slave on the rocks

does anyone remember the song "Love on the Rocks"? well if you do than tell me who sang it?

well it was not really not on the rocks like you climb, but you walk on. last Sunday we stopped by the park for a walk. when Master got out of the truck He ask me for my shoes. i was standing next to Him and gave them to Him and not thinking of what was coming next.

He took them from me and put them inside the truck & locked the doors. He said to me are you ready to walk slave, as He attached a leash to my collar. i was somewhat shocked and ask Him about my shoes? He said i would be walking barefoot today or i could walk bare naked if i wanted, my choice? well i am sure you know what the answer to that question was??

i love to be naked & barefoot at home for Him, but not outdoors without my flipflops on my feet. it was not easy for me to just follow along with Him as He pulled on my leash. my feet are very tender and it hurt to walk on the rock pathway. i was a very slow walker and my feet hurt for hours after it was over.

not only did i walk without my shoes on. my thumbs were cuffed behind my back with my shirt unbutton so anyone & everyone could see my naked tits. i am so glad that this park is empty most of the time. it is in full veiw of a street with passing cars and many do just happen to drive in & stop at times.

i will tell you that i felt as if my feet where cut all over after our walk and well into the night. Master said work on making them tougher as there will be more barefoot walking to come for me.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


i just need some pain to make my world go around. Friday was one of those days. i woke up needing some pain this day. so at worship time i put my clothespins on my hard nipples. yes i did it not Master.

Master enjoys it when i do things like this myself. He tells me when i do it on my own it shows Him i really do enjoy pain and just not doing it for Him. so after He found out i was wearing my clothespins He ask if i wanted more pain as in a whipping? well you should know what my answer was, YES.

i was told it would happen after work so be ready for it. well the work day was crazy busy and i forgot about my whipping i had coming. so i was not naked in position when Master arrived. as soon as i saw Him reach for the rubber cat i knew i was in for a good one.

i was naked with tits down and ass upin position in a flash. He talked about my not being ready and how this would add to my punishment. i said yes Master i understand and will take what i am given for my misdeed.

He said the strokes will be double the amount and harder than He had planed. so my poor ass was in for it now. not only did my ass get to feel the sting of the cat, but my back as well. from the collar around my neck down to the back of my thighs felt the burning and stinging of a rubber cat swung hard.

some of the hits sent chills up my spine as i thanked Master for each and every one and begged for a another. when He was done He stuck His finger inside my pussy to check my wetness and i was soaked. that also tells Him how much i enjoy the pain. what a great way to end a busy day and start off the weekend.

my naked bald cunt is wet now just writing about it.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

i know it's

been a while since my last posting. i think i am having writers block or something. maybe it's because i have nothing new to tell you other than the same ole thing. yes i still get spanked and display my naked parts in public, but i have already told you about all of that stuff many times.

i guess i am looking for new things to write about here. i have no clue as to what that might be? i guess that is why i have not been doing it. Master even ask me if it was time for Him to delete my blog. i said no not yet. we both find it fun to look back on and see what we did last month or last year and remind us of all the fun we had together.

maybe some of you my readers will have some new ideas for us to try and write about;) i was reading another blog about their slave rules and thought i might list a few of mine for something new.

#1 keep pussy bald & smooth at all time unless told otherwise.

#2 be naked at all times when in private with or without Master.

#3 wear His collar at all times when Master is present, public or private.

#4 expose my body when and where & how told to do so.

#5 pleasure myself when told.

#6 keep nails painted at all times.

#7 wear His mark at all times 24/7 in my pierced hood.

#8 do 10 min worship time every morning with my butt plug in place.

#9 keep hair groomed as told, long/short His choice not mine.

#10 obey all His commands without fail to the best of my abilities.

there are a few more, but these are the top 10 that i must do without fail. i do them with great pride as i am His slave forever.

p.s. one rule is never wear panties, but i don't own any. Master owns them and controls them so i can only wear them when i am given some to wear:(
and now i hate wearing them. it is punishment for me now to wear them.