Saturday, February 09, 2008

i know it's

been a while since my last posting. i think i am having writers block or something. maybe it's because i have nothing new to tell you other than the same ole thing. yes i still get spanked and display my naked parts in public, but i have already told you about all of that stuff many times.

i guess i am looking for new things to write about here. i have no clue as to what that might be? i guess that is why i have not been doing it. Master even ask me if it was time for Him to delete my blog. i said no not yet. we both find it fun to look back on and see what we did last month or last year and remind us of all the fun we had together.

maybe some of you my readers will have some new ideas for us to try and write about;) i was reading another blog about their slave rules and thought i might list a few of mine for something new.

#1 keep pussy bald & smooth at all time unless told otherwise.

#2 be naked at all times when in private with or without Master.

#3 wear His collar at all times when Master is present, public or private.

#4 expose my body when and where & how told to do so.

#5 pleasure myself when told.

#6 keep nails painted at all times.

#7 wear His mark at all times 24/7 in my pierced hood.

#8 do 10 min worship time every morning with my butt plug in place.

#9 keep hair groomed as told, long/short His choice not mine.

#10 obey all His commands without fail to the best of my abilities.

there are a few more, but these are the top 10 that i must do without fail. i do them with great pride as i am His slave forever.

p.s. one rule is never wear panties, but i don't own any. Master owns them and controls them so i can only wear them when i am given some to wear:(
and now i hate wearing them. it is punishment for me now to wear them.


Human said...

Don't delete that blog!

Even if you never write another thing, I love going back and reading your old adventures.

Please let it stand as a record for future BDSM lovers.

Sheen V said...

I know what you mean about writer's block. I sometimes feel that I can't write anything interesting anymore. So just keep writing!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy even reading your recounts of the same old thing. Every task you accomplish has something slightly different - location, time of day, your headspace at the time.

Just write about your day. Thanks too for the rule listing.

keep up the good work. Pix even if not of you but relevant to the task (ie: where your task took place) and or of your toys keep it interesting.

Ask us for challenges. maybe we can keep you on your toes.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts, and only wish you would include more and more of your pics. I was so bummed to see that you wrote about your bra-less week without pictures of your shirts (or shirt-less)