Friday, February 29, 2008

slave on the rocks

does anyone remember the song "Love on the Rocks"? well if you do than tell me who sang it?

well it was not really not on the rocks like you climb, but you walk on. last Sunday we stopped by the park for a walk. when Master got out of the truck He ask me for my shoes. i was standing next to Him and gave them to Him and not thinking of what was coming next.

He took them from me and put them inside the truck & locked the doors. He said to me are you ready to walk slave, as He attached a leash to my collar. i was somewhat shocked and ask Him about my shoes? He said i would be walking barefoot today or i could walk bare naked if i wanted, my choice? well i am sure you know what the answer to that question was??

i love to be naked & barefoot at home for Him, but not outdoors without my flipflops on my feet. it was not easy for me to just follow along with Him as He pulled on my leash. my feet are very tender and it hurt to walk on the rock pathway. i was a very slow walker and my feet hurt for hours after it was over.

not only did i walk without my shoes on. my thumbs were cuffed behind my back with my shirt unbutton so anyone & everyone could see my naked tits. i am so glad that this park is empty most of the time. it is in full veiw of a street with passing cars and many do just happen to drive in & stop at times.

i will tell you that i felt as if my feet where cut all over after our walk and well into the night. Master said work on making them tougher as there will be more barefoot walking to come for me.


Anonymous said...

if it's the song i'm thinking of, it's Neil Diamond.. Love on the rocks, ain't no surprise, pour me a drink and i'll tell you some lies..

luna said...

Neil Diamond verson:

The Darkness did a remake of it:

Sheen V said...

Love to see your legs!!

Anonymous said...

I love it when you post your pictures and when you talk about showing off your t1t5. Any chance that we can see more? how about a full frontal view?

You are amazing

Anonymous said...

On behalf of perverts like me allow me to thank you for going along with this :) Your Master is so fortunate to have such a lovely obedient woman :) Indeed the scene seems VERY VERY hot and is something that in my wildest fantasies I hope I can have come true someday :)