Sunday, February 17, 2008


i just need some pain to make my world go around. Friday was one of those days. i woke up needing some pain this day. so at worship time i put my clothespins on my hard nipples. yes i did it not Master.

Master enjoys it when i do things like this myself. He tells me when i do it on my own it shows Him i really do enjoy pain and just not doing it for Him. so after He found out i was wearing my clothespins He ask if i wanted more pain as in a whipping? well you should know what my answer was, YES.

i was told it would happen after work so be ready for it. well the work day was crazy busy and i forgot about my whipping i had coming. so i was not naked in position when Master arrived. as soon as i saw Him reach for the rubber cat i knew i was in for a good one.

i was naked with tits down and ass upin position in a flash. He talked about my not being ready and how this would add to my punishment. i said yes Master i understand and will take what i am given for my misdeed.

He said the strokes will be double the amount and harder than He had planed. so my poor ass was in for it now. not only did my ass get to feel the sting of the cat, but my back as well. from the collar around my neck down to the back of my thighs felt the burning and stinging of a rubber cat swung hard.

some of the hits sent chills up my spine as i thanked Master for each and every one and begged for a another. when He was done He stuck His finger inside my pussy to check my wetness and i was soaked. that also tells Him how much i enjoy the pain. what a great way to end a busy day and start off the weekend.

my naked bald cunt is wet now just writing about it.

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